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Would some of you in San Diego help me please?

by tom44 on April 5, 2013

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Question by Jeanne B: Would some of you in San Diego help me please?
My nephew is moving to San Diego for a new job. I’d like to help him with his move. I’m not asking every one to answer all my questions. If you can just give me some information about one or more of the questions I would appreciate it very much.
1) What areas are the “bad” neighborhoods to live in?

2) What neighborhoods are too expensive for most people to afford?

3) Are there lots of yard sales there?

4) Are there any thrift stores in San Diego?

5) Is it very humid in San Diego? What is the average humidity?

6) Are people in San Diego open and friendly?

7) Are the grocery stores there any more expensive than any place else? I’m asking about the big chain stores, not the privately owned stores or very exclusive stores.

8) What are the current gas prices there?

9) Can you add some comments to what I haven’t asked?

Again, thank you all very much for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by Bondgirl
As a Canadian, I can honestly say that San Diego is THE nicest American city I have ever visited. People are nice, the place is clean, and it’s easy to get around. I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

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6 thoughts on “Would some of you in San Diego help me please?

  1. Debbie W says:

    San Diego is way to big to list “Bad Neighborhoods”. Humidity is not a problem usually. I wouldn’t say they are the most friendly of people. Grocery stores are very expensive. Current Gas prices are around 2.86 a gallon. Hope this helps.

  2. Sav says:

    1) Some neighborhoods that are considered “bad” probably would be City Heights, Encanto, Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, San Ysidro, Golden Hill, Lincoln Heights, parts of El Cajon, and pretty much most neighborhoods south of the 94 freeway. But overall San Diego is a very safe city, one of the safest big cities in the nation.

    2) La Jolla/University Town Center area is probably one of the most expensive areas in SD. Mission Valley is pretty pricey too b/c many apartments are newer and nicer. Pacific Beach is pretty pricey for how nice of an apt you get but not that bad considering the location and lifestyle.

    3) There are plenty of yard sales I think, I see a sign or two every weekend for one in the community I live in, Pacific Beach. Most residential neighborhoods seem to have some on any given weekend.

    4) There are plenty of thrift stores in San Diego like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, you can usually find one within 5 miles from most places in the city. There is also a Swap Meet/Flea Market every weekend at the SD Sports Arena.

    5) Overall SD is not that humid but by West Coast standards it can get a tad humid during summer, but nothing like the East Coast or South. Compared to Northern CA it’s more humid but that isn’t saying much b/c the air is drier up there. Dewpoints are usually in the 60’s in summer and usually are at 65 or below. The weather is pretty much close to perfect here, especially near the coast so you don’t need to worry about it. Usually sunnny, usually in the 70’s, and little rainfall overall.

    6) I think people in San Diego are pretty friendly and outgoing overall. There are a lot of transplants in San Diego so I think that makes people more open and friendly to meeting new people. It’s a very sunny and laid back beach town so people are nice and friendly overall in my opinion, probably some of the friendliest in CA.

    7) I wouldn’t say groceries here are that much more expensive than elsewhere. CA grows and produces a lot of it’s own food so it’s not shipped in from long distances. The biggest chains would be Albertsons, Vons, and Ralphs and they all have club cards to save money.

    8) Gas right now is around $ 2.70-$ 2.80 on average.Usually we are about .40-.50 cents higher than the national average but lately we have been around the national average thankfully, but overall gas tends to be more here.

    9) not sure what else you want to know but you can feel free to click on my profile and e-mail me. San Diego is a great city, the climate is perfect, there is so much to do all the time, and you are close to great destinations like LA, Orange County, Northern CA, Las Vegas, the deserts, mountains and ski resorts, Mexico, ect… I would recommend living near the coast and beaches, the climate is a little more moderate and nicer. There are a lot of great neighborhoods to choose from in SD that are different and appeal to different types.

  3. usinf says:

    OK lets start out with:
    1: San Diego is massive, so let me list a few places you might not want to live: Logan Heights, San Yisdro, and Some areas of Southeast San Diego.

    2: Places too expensive: La Jolla, Rancho Del Rey, Rancho San Diego, Rancho Bernado (Ok if it has Rancho before the name, its expensive)

    3: Yes there is a lot of yard sales during the weekend, I would say the biggest yard sale of them is Kobie’s Swapmeet.

    4: There are plenty of thrift stores in San Diego, most of them outside the downtown area.

    5: It is not at all humid in San Diego, sometimes during the year it might get up to about 80% but that is very seldom, we are about 50% near the coast and 40% inland.

    6: I would like to think that we are open and friendly, but that is coming from a native San Diegan, we do have a lot of transplants that bring their bad ways with them.

    7: I grew up here and from the other places I been (Military) Grocery shopping to me is about the same, a few things are a bit more expensive but you also have to take into consideration the cost of living here.

    8: Current gas right is about 2.79 for regular unleaded.

    9: San Diego is a beautiful city, I love it here and people fall in love with it and move here alot…. with that said it has driven up the price of housing here and San Diego, also the demand for higher paying jobs is there too, so if you have a good resume and great work eithic you should not have a problem finding a job here.

    We try to remain as small town as possible, you can see this by how our city is divided into diffent areas, but that does not stop us from being a big city and having all the problems of a big city.

    I hope your nephew will like it here.

  4. redcarpetmassacrefoe says:

    I’m only going to answer question #6 (the rest of the questions have been answered well by others before me but I particularly wanted to address this questions):

    I am from Seattle (alas not as friendly as I once believed), I’ve lived in Atlanta (which was very friendly), and lived for two years in what I now consider to be my own personal Eden, San Diego. The people there are super friendly, very outgoing, always inviting and being invited. They love life, love,and the pursuit of happiness. They do it well.

    God, I wish I could move back there right now! And perhaps I will… but I hope that helps you out on the friendliness question!

  5. Armando Madrigal says:

    gas prices-average in san diego- is around 2.90 thats cool, and the weather in san diego is changing drastically. is becoming more like florida in the summer with little rain in the winter. and when it gets hot down here, it gets hotttt. because its very humid and muggy. but that time has passed cause its fall now.

  6. Ryan says:

    1. Bad areas are City Heights, Skyline, Lincoln Park, Barrio Logan, San Ysidro, National City, and Otay Mesa.

    2. La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe.

    3. Yeah.

    4. Yeah there’s a couple in El Cajon that I know of.

    5. It’s really not that humid and we literally don’t get any rain here. By the beach it’s a little more humid than it is inland but humidity isn’t a problem in San Diego.

    6. Very. San Diego is a very laid-back place with alot of chill people.

    7. Yeah, San Diego is expensive.

    8. Around 2.95

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