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Would it be easier to get a job in seattle if….?

by tom44 on June 16, 2014

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Question by Jason Santos: Would it be easier to get a job in seattle if….?
Okay so I currently live in Honolulu, HI and pursuing a degree in Marketing. My grades are above average and when I transfer to UH Manoa’s Shidler’s College of Business for my last 2 years I will try to aim for a minimum of 3.5 gpa. I plan to work for a few years and go back for my masters. I know the Shidler’s College of Business is not the top school for business in the nation but it is a prestigious school. I would like to go to UCLA or a better school but tuition is so expensive and living on my own cost a lot of money. My plan is to graduate with my BA in Marketing with good grades, work for a few years and save, then go back to get my Masters with good grades and move to Seattle to pursue a career in business. Would competition be fierce in Seattle? Would I be second priority knowing that my college degree was from the University of Hawaii compared to UCLA? Do large companies even judge you based on the schools you graduated from or do they judge you based on at least having a masters degree with good grades and skills that are useful to the company? I met a few Harvard grads and they were not rich. They ended up being the average American with average jobs like a mailmen.

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Answer by Monika
The job market is tight here, as it is everywhere right now. If you are still planning to get a masters, the economy might improve magnificently in the meanwhile.

Your grades will make some difference, but your internships would be more important. A minor in English would not hurt, my husband has a computer science degree with a minor and it has served him well. While you are working for a few years and save, find a company that will train you on the job for the work you plan to do in the future. On the job training is as important as a masters.

With a BA in English I got to be an Administrative Assistant at a research center, and learned SQL and Oracle Database management, and got a Systems Analyst position without a degree. If you love to learn, learn a lot in your job before you get your Masters, and see how that works. If you get a great company to work for, they may reimburse you for your educational expenses.

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