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Would I Be Eligible To Work In A Nursing Home?

by tom44 on August 2, 2012

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Question by Yup Yup CENSORED: Would I Be Eligible To Work In A Nursing Home?
I live in Sacramento, Ca and I was wondering if anyone would hire me without my CNA certificate which I’m going to get once I find a job so I can pay for the schooling. I have experience caring for the elderly since I took care of my ailing Grandmother for two years before she died.

I’m unable to get student aid to pay for it since I owe my previous college money and work is scarce around here. Would the home be able to hire me for a short period of time before I get my CNA certificate?
I’m 20 years old

Best answer:

Answer by Stefanie B
It depends. Some might train you on the job, and help you get a certificate.

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One thought on “Would I Be Eligible To Work In A Nursing Home?

  1. michr says:

    in most states medicade reimburses nursing homes for the cost involved in offering CNA classes. check with your local nursing homes to see. also most nursing homes hire helpers you can do many of the jobs a CNA does except personal care – bathing, toileting, transfers any of the ADL items with the exception helpers can feed after a certification (in-service). you probably will find a home that will put you through the class and hire you and pay for your state test as long as you agree to work a set amount of time.

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