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Would having a tattoo hinder getting a good paying Forensic Science job?

by tom44 on June 24, 2014

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Question by Sportsgal14: Would having a tattoo hinder getting a good paying Forensic Science job?
I’m 17 years old, and just graduated high school. I will be going to a college for Forensic Science. I really want a tattoo, either on my left wrist or on my upper arm/shoulder (something like that). I will be 18 in September. I want to be a Forensic Scientist, but every adult (teacher, internship sponsors, and other adults), told me that getting a tattoo can hinder getting a good paying job, especially me, wanting to be a Forensic Scientist. So. my question is: “Would getting a tattoo hinder from getting me a good paying Forensic Science job?”
The tattoo I want to get will be purple either the infinity symbol on my left wrist, or something on my upper arm/shoulder (left or right).
I’m going to college in New York, and when I graduate, I’m going to another college for another in depth Forensic Science degree, then I will apply for jobs. I also was thinking of becoming a lawyer too.
If I get a Forensic Science job, I’d like it to be in Washington D.C., Virginia, or somewhere where it is a good paying Forensic Science job.

Best answer:

Answer by Obfuscation
not if the tattoo says “I love forensics so much that I permanently marked my body with a statement of how much I love it.”

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4 thoughts on “Would having a tattoo hinder getting a good paying Forensic Science job?

  1. Dragontattoo says:

    Usually, if I’m not mistaken, forensic science is part of the police department. You are usually allowed to have tattoos when you join, but some counties across the counrty don’t want you to get anymore once on the force. You would have to ask this question in your area….

  2. RICHARD says:

    you want an honest opinion???

    ok so you want a tattoo get one where it can be covered up like as you said yourupper arm (shoulder area) or maybe your back or your thigh i have one on my shoulder upper arm (a half sleve) my wife and i both have one on our arms and again me and my wife have eachothers names our our legs… she will be getting my name on her upper back between her shoulder blades And she works in the comunity with elderly so how tabboo can you get???

    go get one is all i can say but just make sure you like it and it can get covered up whilst your studying/working

  3. Simmy. says:

    Right when I saw this question my mind went right to Abby on NCIS with all of her tattoos. I love her(: I think that getting a tattoo that cant be easily covered can put a little of a downer on any job that is good pay. I would go for it if you really want it. Another option would be to get the job, then get the tattoo. Just another idea. I love tattoos so in no way am I trying to tell you not to get it or that you will not be able to get a job. Good luck with your chosen career, its something that I have always wanted to do as well(: xoSimmy.

  4. dan the man says:

    If you are worried, then upper arm. But this would keep you from wearing tank tops without a jack, anything else that would openly reveal it. Many employers these days won’t mind as long as you are able to cover it up when you are at work/around customers.

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