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World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

by tom44 on August 3, 2013

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VICE’s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.” It’s a substance so inten…
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25 thoughts on “World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

  1. Marcus Rouse says:

    yea i see exactly where your coming from.. its just so happens that this? drug is being used in one of the worst places on earth by bad people.. so its getting a bad wrap!

  2. Nelly IsMyLova says:

    that guys hands shook like crazy. Alcohol?

  3. SuperCactusman says:

    I think it’s hard? for people like us to understand her motives, and what people like her have been through in her life.

  4. Ryan Huo says:

    holy shit? that black girl is evil man

  5. FritzLabern says:

    Its funny how the drug is being criticised and feared, when the drug itself just makes of you? an innocent child. Its the enforcer the person who induces and drugs the victim who is really evil, not the drug. If you were to really look at the effects, there are drugs who eat your whole arm after the first use. I just don´t know why the way that this drug reveals a great part of human nature wasn’t discussed.

  6. SaHiL sharMa says:

    cocaine is hell? of a drug

  7. Julian Carnall says:

    So gringo? its scary…

  8. Jane Lane says:

    wow. this drug is on? a whole other level man.

  9. Chris Necak says:

    i would blow it in? the queens face and take full ownership of buckingham palace.

  10. Heller86 says:

    I thought the most dangerous drug is CAKE (watch Brass? Eye if you don’t know what it is..)

  11. MrCrazy755 says:

    Another crazy drug from Columbia? what a surprise

  12. serenaskaf says:

    black bitch? you heartless

  13. madhu mangala says:

    i bet the CIA et al are using this to get folk to assasinate their enenies, amongst other tingz, for sure. Lee Harvey, 911 hijackers, mark chapman,? barry manilow 🙂

  14. kamyar kiazad says:

    sounds like a real life imperius curse?

  15. freshpinch says:

    y would u take something u? cant even feel? go to sleep and ull get the same effects I bet haha

  16. SmeegySenior says:

    I think bieber? carries this stuff on hand

  17. SmeegySenior says:

    That drug dealer in car is good for? tv lol

  18. Amelia cassidy says:


  19. BeardsOnCheese says:

    Shut up black? bitch

  20. nickmck218 says:

    Holy fucking? shit

  21. john atkins says:

    your asshole smells quite like aged parmesan cheese in a tupperware since the days of the french? revolution

  22. J Min says:


  23. mayer jesy says:

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  24. Stu Borland says:

    get all the trees destroyed ,why have it growing in a main street were anyone,teenagers can get it…..scarey fucked up drug and i thought K etimine? was bad.

  25. undef1 says:

    that black girl needs to rot? in hell

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