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Working America Minneapolis Rallies For Job Creation

by tom44 on June 7, 2012

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Minneapolis, MN, April 4, 2011. Local members of Working America joined members in cities across the country in a rally to focus attention on job creation. Working America is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO combining the strength of about 10 million union and non-union members to argue against what they consider wrong-headed priorities favoring the rich and corporate special interests over America’s well-being and for productive, job producing government programs. Their political agenda includes many jib related issues such as: health care, education, retirement, unemployment and corporate corruption.

Minneapolis, MN (IBNN NEWS/August 11, 2011)….Nice Ride or Nice Jobs?
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8 thoughts on “Working America Minneapolis Rallies For Job Creation

  1. justonefirefly1 says:

    They had a rally in Kentucky too! I pay taxes why should the companies that use American for profit pay too? Most of these companies are not even American companies and I think they should pay more? for using this country that I have paid for with my taxes and by serving in the military. What have these companies done for America?

  2. puppetjak says:

    thanks for being out there filming and also the people? who gathered the signatures.

  3. rayofminneapolis says:

    I rode my bike by there on the? way to see J.M Culvers show at Hang-It. I was the 4th one to sign the guys sheet at 0:44 seconds. Cool to see the video work. I hope we all find some work soon.

  4. edwardzacharyy says:


  5. webcelt says:

    Come on, the grant money got? spent here, and that made jobs for some people. If you offered extra money from the feds, but for a specific purpose, wouldn’t you take it? If the mayor refused the money and refused to expand the bike program into North Minneapolis, how many jobs would that create? Try zero.

  6. mikesnotworking says:


  7. IBNNORG says:

    He has to? go!

  8. rayofminneapolis says:

    Well, I’ll enjoy biking to work if I ever find some? employment.

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