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Work at Home – Legit Data Entry Jobs

by tom44 on June 23, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Work at Home – Legit Data Entry Jobs

  1. Chartara Powell says:

    I started working with slicethepie i really enjoy this job?

  2. JohnGee1977 says:

    Are you willing to spell the names of the companies you recommend?
    According to my research, this video (and possible the opportunity) is as
    close to being legitimate as any I’ve seen. How does it feel to be helping
    SO many people??

  3. Lisa Lewis says:

    my gosh girl you are everywhere. maybe you can help me get a job at home.
    you know a lot and I cant wait to speak with you.I need training in data
    entry and I know you can do that.Sounds like you know everything. I want to
    be smart like you and only you can help me. Lisa?

  4. g.r. walker says:

    Hello Alicia. I have been on your site and nothing that
    I have tried and signed up for has worked. I have been trying for weeks.
    can you tell me something that I can sign up for that truly works. I am
    interested in data entry work. Something that I can start tonight and make
    money. My bills are outrageous! I know that isn’t your problem but I am at
    wits end. PLEASE HELP ME.?

  5. Chartara Powell says:

    is their any legit stuffing envelope jobs or radio station surveys?

  6. Kevin Clepps says:


  7. KD8NCL says:

    Hello Alicia, remember the comment I left on your VirtualBee video? Well, I
    received an e-mail yesterday that I was invited to join VirtualBee! Today,
    I worked for about 4 hours and earned little over $10 already! I should
    make their $30 minimum in time for their payout. I just wanted to let you
    know I was invited and to thank you for sharing! ?

  8. la morena says:

    i did check the website u provide me with but the are not legit out side
    the us i leave in the Caribbean not in the united states i need something
    global please thank u?

  9. Wayne Benson says:

    You are truly a blessing in disguise! I wish I had ran across your videos
    months ago. You provide really useful information for someone like myself
    who is desperately seeking a real work at home opportunity with paying for
    some scam. May God bless you and I hope you continue to provide the
    information that you do. I know you will be truly blessed for helping
    others free of charge! WOW! We really need more people like you in this
    world. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Workersonboard says:

    Thank you for watching!

  11. Nicolas ST-Medar says:

    Hi, I live in mauritius, I am a disabled person and I really need an online
    job. Can someone help me, please…

  12. Workersonboard says:

    I would definitely recommend that you apply for Virtualbee and Great
    American Opportunities right now. You could also try Cass Info if you live
    near Ohio because they allow you to work from home doing data entry. You
    could also try Amazon Mturk and some other companies that I have mentioned
    on my blog at homebasedmommie or workersonboard. I hope this helps.

  13. Workersonboard says:

    Thank you so much!

  14. Workersonboard says:

    Hi Yali, you can try Virtualbee, Quicktate, Accutran Global, Dion Data,
    Clickworker has some data entry tasks, Amazon Mturk, Cloud Crowd, and I
    have even more listed on my official website at Workersonboard.

  15. rtm4jc says:

    Hi Super2moms. I’m a stay at home mom. I’ve been out of the workforce for 6
    years. I have data entry experience. I type fast. I worked as a
    receptionist for many years before getting married and having kids. My
    youngest is getting ready to start pre-k. So i’m looking for something to
    do at home part time 6 hours a day. What can u recommend?

  16. cashalldays says:

    Make Real Money Here @ 1.99 Minisite! This really Does Work!!

  17. ZombieSage says:

    Hi Alicia, Im currently living in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. And all
    the typing jobs / data entry jobs I come across are ones where you have to
    live in the U.S. I was wondering if you know anything about a legit online
    job for people living here in the mid-east. Thanks!

  18. pandirasbox says:

    How do you feel about clickerworker? I like it so far.

  19. Dave Cook says:

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  20. michelle howard says:

    Hi Super2moms. I currently employe full time. I just looking for additional
    income to help make the ends meet. I have two children. One is about to
    enter high school next year. I was talking to my co-worker today about
    finding a part-time job to help save for extra expensives that I know are
    about to come up soon. She advise me to find employement for online work at
    home jobs since I have under aged children. I just need some tips on how to
    look or get started. Thanks

  21. MoneyZine says:

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  22. jahan sau says:

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  23. imran khan says:

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  25. Nicholette Manning says:

    Hi do you have work from home data entry for international worker i live in
    Costa Rica…Thank you

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