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Will Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston,etc go bankrupt under Democrat mayors?

by tom44 on April 7, 2014

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Question by Progressive Republican: Will Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston,etc go bankrupt under Democrat mayors?

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Answer by Lord God

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6 thoughts on “Will Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Portland, Minneapolis, Houston,etc go bankrupt under Democrat mayors?

  1. Shareef_009 says:


  2. The Divine One says:

    GOP moving jobs over seas caused Detroit to go bankrupt. They move perfectly good jobs out of America to earn more money and product by countries that would be willing to pay less for each hour.

  3. Lee says:

    Houston is doing just fine. The only thing that disturbing right now is Mayor Parker giving her top city attorney a 42 % raise. ( his salary is 350,000.00 now) that more than she make. I’d say there’s some hanky panky going on except the mayor is gay. We do have a problem that the city should have solved years ago and that is city employee pension or retirement fund. It will bit the city in the butt if it’s not taken care of. I don’t know about the other cities but we’re doing ok.

  4. Daniel ben Mordechai says:

    I think you forgot one city in particular. What about New York City, whose new mayor, Bill DeBlasio, has a radical past including support for the Sandinistas in the 1980s? Aside from that, it is my understanding that an early move he has made as mayor is to ban horse and carriage rides through Central Park (which have long been appreciated by visitors to the city) on the grounds that these rides are somehow cruel to animals.

    In addition, the new mayor’s determination to at least reduce the frequency of “stop and frisk” techniques that have gotten the crime rate in New York City significantly reduced over the last 20 years is a formula for a rising crime rate, which itself is sure to increase costs for the city overall.

  5. StephenG says:


  6. Don't call me dude says:

    Not San Francisco. Its budget is fine. They attacked the poor and unions, holding San Franciscans down to be financially raped by PG&E while Twitter waited its turn.

    Supposedly “left” because of his stance on gay marriage, former mayor Newsom (now Lt. Governor of California) killed welfare here. San Francisco’s affluence is partially based on his “Care not Cash” program attacking the poor and homeless. First, he eliminated a lot of cash payments, substituting services. Then the services were eliminated, too. Now there’s neither care NOR cash.

    Anyone who supports liberals, just as much as conservatives, is responsible for the deaths on the streets this winter, here, and elsewhere.

    Newsom’s successor, Lee, went on to squeeze and lie and pressure the unions, and the union tops held the SF public employees down for him.

    When cons OR libs talk about local government finances, that’s what they MEAN. Dead people, abused employees, more lethal gadgets and cops, more breaks for corps.

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