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Will my memphis m3 mojo 15 beat harder in a bigger box?

by tom44 on March 3, 2013

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Question by balla504: Will my memphis m3 mojo 15 beat harder in a bigger box?
I have a M3 MOJO. And im thinking about getting a bigger box for more pressure. Will that even make more pressure? And what amp do you recommend(im still in high school no job just I play sports so I cant just go buy a 600 dollar amp and I dont like asking my parents for money) please help me though. Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
it depends on the enclosure you have now. if your enclosure is already ideal for your sub theres no need for a bigger box. and i know moneys kind of an issue for you, so you can get an 1000 watt amp at walmart for 150$ . its an ok amp and it should power your woofer enough.

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