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Will I be able to make it in Los Angeles, California?

by tom44 on August 22, 2013

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Question by Trace: Will I be able to make it in Los Angeles, California?
Okay, first thing first. I am 100% aware of the high cost of living in CA. I am aware of the traffic and other cons as well but, even after hearing of those, the sunny days, palm trees, beaches, student life, and California being the only state that excepts Medical Marijuana patients for mental disabilities(bipolar disorder), has made this place a sort of dream for me that needs to be accomplished for satisfaction. SO PLEASE, No feedback about why not to move there, because i’m going. Just need to know if I’d make it. Or maybe some tips on HOW to make it.

Well I just finished my first semester of college at Mayville State University and I plan on transferring next fall and pulling out school loans to attend a Los Angeles two-year school. I want to pursue an Associates Degree in Business Administration.

I have a summer job in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska that pays 18$ an hour, 22$ overtime. My paychecks are pretty fat but with the limited time in the summer, I’ll end up with an estimate of 15K. They pay for our housing and food while were there so I don’t really have expenses besides when I take the one week off in- between three week hitches.

I also plan to get a part time job there. What kind of job should i get? Why?
This will help in my financial situation.

I plan on having a very reliable room mate. (best friend) My bud doesn’t plan on attending college but he wants to find a full time job. He has a lot of experience with manual labor (Warehouse,forklifts) and is young. What kind of job should he pursue in Los Angeles?

Also, if I get my Medical Card, would becoming a caregiver help me at all financially?

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Answer by old school – again mfer

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4 thoughts on “Will I be able to make it in Los Angeles, California?

  1. A Hunch says:

    It’s going to be very difficult to move to California and attend college. Out of state tuition is 3x more expensive for an out of state student = it’s about $ 675 for ONE unit at a community college.

    Additionally, getting a medical card in California is easy, trying to get supplies is not as easy. There has been a lot of fraud with the system and many cities are voiding allowing dispensaries. My cities had close to 50 in July… now there are 11.
    – a mmj card does not override a drug free workplace. if you can’t pass a drug test to get hired, you aren’t given any special rights or circumstances. The only places that will hire you without a drug test are some mom & pop shops.

    College students have a very difficult time getting anything besides minimum wage part-time jobs (under $ 10 an hour). Your friend “might” make a few pennies more than you.

    A decent 2 bedroom apartment in a very nondescript, safe neighborhood will run you about $ 1400+ a month. You won’t be able to get a lease for 9 months only, so your $ 15000 during the summer greatly reduces when you have to pay for an apartment back here at the same tiem.

    Come, enjoy yourself… just be open-eyed about what you are getting yourself into.

  2. Allison says:

    “Hunch” outlined the pitfalls that await you in California quite well. Just understand that California currently, has the 2d highest unemployment rate in the country. It may take you or your “bud” many MONTHS to find work, and until you do you’ll have to live off any savings you have in one of the MOST expensive states to live in. Also (not meaning to sound Racist) the vast majority of Manual Labor jobs are taken by Hispanics. If your “bud” doesn’t speak Spanish he won’t be getting any Manual Labor jobs here. Minimum wage in California is $ 8.00 hour ($ 10.50 within the city of San Francisco).

    Do you even know where Prudhoe Bay, Alaska is? It’s north of the Arctic Circle. It’s where the Alaska Pipeline begins, and even in Summer the average daily temperature is 18 degrees, well BELOW freezing. About the only things in Prudhoe Bay are the oil fields, a few bars, and a few houses of prostitution. Which one do you think you’ll be working at? Every thing else around there are tiny Inuit (Eskimo) villages.

    As stated you’ll pay the outrageous non-resident tuition rates at any California school, and to just go to Community College that’s stupid. As for you’re Marijuana card NO caregiver service is going to send a bi-polar doper to care for Granny. NONE! Too much liability on their part. Why don’t you try Washington? They just passed laws to make weed totally legal. Those cold North Dakota winters seem to be numbing your ability to use common sense.

  3. 805gabe says:

    An associates degree won’t get you many job opportunities at least not more than $ 22 / hour. To get an associates degree won’t be that expensive because it will just be at a community college.

  4. Unknown says:

    So you want to transfer from a university to a community college? A community college in another state? In California? A state with a high unemployment rate and fierce competition for the few jobs that show up? A state with high taxes and a high cost of living (yeah, yeah)? You want to take out loans to cover absurd out-of-state tuition costs and living expenses? For the next 3 years or so? You want to drown in student loan debt? That’s NOT very SMART. It’s INCREDIBLY STUPID not to mention INSANELY EXPENSIVE.

    If I was looking to hire a caregiver, I would NOT consider a weed smoker. I don’t care what your situation is. Would major employers feel the same way? What do you think? Marijuana is illegal under federal law. You already know that, right?

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