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Why isn’t San Diego a major city yet?

by tom44 on April 4, 2014

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Question by Babatunde W: Why isn’t San Diego a major city yet?
No offense to San Diego, but San Diego is twice the size of LA and about 4 times the size of Chicago, where I am from, in terms of land mass but has about half the amount of people of both cities. Is it because it costs too much to live there? Also most of the nightclubs in San Diego are in one area the Gaslamp Quarter of like 4 blocks. Why isn’t it more spread out like Chicago? Why isn’t the growth rate as high as metropolitan Atlanta’s? Why don’t more at least middle class black people live there (only 6.9 % according to wikipedia)?
Why is San Diego’s metropolitan area ranked 17th in the US? How come Miami’s and San Francisco’s metropolitan areas are ranked higher? How come the San Diego nightlife doesn’t compare to Atlanta’s or Miami’s?

Best answer:

Answer by Jered M
your terribly misinformed. San Diego is currently the 9th largest city in the united states, population wise thus making it allready a major US city. San Diego poor job market and lack of culture and big city amenities probally contributes to the cities declining population status as it fell 9th to dallas the past year. San Dieo downtown is proximate to a airport to the north and is border by freeways on east and north easternly sides which limits its expansion and growth of tall buildings over 500 ft (which means no skyscrapers). San Diego is 1 million and over and LA is 4 Million and over Chicago 3 million.

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4 thoughts on “Why isn’t San Diego a major city yet?

  1. Tony D says:

    You ask this question like it’s a bad thing. When SD reaches your definition of ‘major city’, it will be way less desirable than it is today. Consider yourself lucky to live in this ‘minor league’ city.

  2. Lou's wife says:

    I don’t know the answer to many of your questions but having only been to San Diego once I thought it was one of the best and cleanest and most spacious laid out cities that I have ever been. What would it matter if there are white, black, green or blue people that live there. I would guess that there is a large Latino population though why does that matter to you. San Diego’s metropolitan area is ranked 9th. And as far as nightlife I know people seem to go to bed early there, guess they are early risers.

  3. caxbby says:

    Uh, clearly you have not BEEN to San Diego. And about the lack of middle class black people living there… A large portion of people are white, like the rest of the country, but there are also a lot of Mexicans due to the proximity of Mexico. Also, the other big draw is from Asians, many of who have resided in San Diego or the California area since the gold rush time period.

  4. Danny B says:

    San Diego is a day time city. This accounts for the lack of nightlife, compared to Miami and Atlanta. Have you ever been outside in one of those cities on a summer day? When it is 99 degrees with 100% humidity. You can only go out at night. Compared to San Diego at 75 degrees with an ocean breeze we tend to spend our time out during the day.

    Besides when was the last time you heard someone say their dream was to live in Chicago or Atlanta?

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