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Why I Wanted to Be a Medical Assistant and Not a Nurse

by tom44 on June 9, 2014

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I was always interested in the medical field and a meaningful career and am interested in working as a medical assistant, rather than in nursing, which requi…
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26 thoughts on “Why I Wanted to Be a Medical Assistant and Not a Nurse

  1. Lisa LeGrand says:

    Be a physician’s assistant; you get to be involved with the patients’ care.?

  2. victormania2008 says:

    omg i am a guy and I was thinking getting into this career. in fact I am
    already in. I wonder this is made for guys also….

  3. Joyce Thomas says:

    Not sure about all parts of the country but our area pay ranges from $13/hr
    to $27/hr. Not too bad for a 9 to 5. This is a great profession and the
    question of why medical assisting over nursing or vice-versa is old. The
    basic reality is…if you want to work in a doctors office go with medical
    assisting…if you want to work in hospitals/nursing homes….go with
    nursing. One is no better than the other. They are both respectable and
    needed (if trained through an accredited program)

  4. Ivan Villanueva says:

    @victormania2008 I’m in it too and I’m a dude. I thought there would be a
    lot of cute girls but there’s only few cute ones and the rest are old lol.
    But that’s not why I’m there, it’s really easy but I know it won’t pay
    much, it’s only a starter so I maybe could become a pharmacist or physician

  5. nanlisa says:

    Medical assistants also have to deal with sicknesses, disease, crying
    children (especially if they work in a pediatric office), stick needles in
    people and draw their blood, and so forth. Some doctors’ offices have
    evening and Saturday hours. This is definitely not a 9-5 job. People are
    going to get sick no matter what. Regardless of whether it’s Christmas, New
    Year’s, or just a regular weekday, health care is a 24/7 field.

  6. holyblessed18 says:

    really they start off around the same prices. and depending on what type of
    facility and nurse you are changes everything. I believe that most nurses
    are mad just because more Medical assitants are taking their place. I mean
    even if you don’t get certified as an MA. You still have an associate
    degree which is a lot more that just being and LPN or CNA. MA are taught to
    do a lot more that nurses do. Such as taking blook, and lab work.
    Regardless just look at the trend.

  7. Avon Cipher says:

    Maybe your lack of good grammar and horrible punctuation has something to
    do with you not being hired.

  8. tinasexy35 says:

    Hey Brittney i have been a Medical Assistant for 13yrs now. i love my job
    as a CMA. i have worked in Pediatrics to Women’s Health(ob/gyn). and also i
    worked as a critical care technician at the Hospital (Trauma-ICU-CCU). a
    lot off nurse tell me why don’t i go back for RN. i love working with the
    Doctors and the Nurses. specialist office you will learn and make more. and
    i make more then 36,000 year. and in the Doctors office the CMA are the
    Doc’s right hand person. GOOD LUCK!!

  9. SevenDeadliSins says:

    Except that is wrong… its TWO years when you GET into the program. Your
    ignoring the 2 or so years that it takes to get done with your pre-reqs
    unless you prepared out of high school. Your science pre-reqs are a year+
    alone. Though this video wasnt very helpful, so I cannot defend it in that

  10. TheChristine72 says:

    some times money isn’t the priority. Im returning to the work force after
    injury and leaving a 15 yr career . I don’t want a long time in school and
    I don’t want to work weekends and holidays. I do want a career to be proud
    of and fulfillment of a career that helps people. I don’t want high stress
    either. This is a second career for me the wage for this depressed part of
    the country is good. My husband is the main bread winner in our family and
    it feels good to contribute again.

  11. JenzBen25 says:

    You’re being completely hypocritical. You’re calling her ignorant for her
    remark but you’re doing the exact same thing by calling her a ‘white bitch’
    and being ignorant yourself!

  12. imxsoxridiculous says:

    Lol she’s reading off the screen :p

  13. jayblac says:


  14. dgs0777 says:

    So basically you are saying you are too lazy and stupid to become a
    professional so you’ll settle for a non professional job like a medical
    assistant. And to all the people with the audacity to compare an MA with a
    RN, the difference is RN’s know a lot more an get paid a lot more. You as a
    MA may think you know just as much only because the jobs description limits
    the RN to display their full knowledge and skills, but there is a reason
    they get paid a lot more.

  15. Michael Cruz says:

    I made that much as psychiatric tech straight out of high school. Now I’m
    an RN.. And no, that isn’t much at all in this economy!

  16. Latoya Ordone says:


  17. jalia wagner says:

    lol nurses can work less hours and make more u dont have to work weekends
    or holidays being a nurse..i think u have a misconseption about nursing..
    yes, nursing school is hard to get into but its work it

  18. SaintJulianaSantos says:

    @ Krissa Medical Assistants can do the same work at Doctor’s Offices as
    Nurses. But MAs do not do bedside care. They do not bathe patients, wipe
    patients butts all day, clean human feces,etc and etc. Thats what Nurses
    do. Medical Assistants are not equals to RNs. RNs manage an entire team of
    LPN, MAs and CNAs. So I have to agree but disagree with you. If you feel
    like you smarter than the RNs, you should go to RN school. 🙂

  19. Krissa Burdan says:

    I am a Medical Assistant, and I do literally the exact same job as the RNs
    I work with. There is not one thing that (in my work place) an RN can do
    that I cannot, outside of my work it may be different though. True that
    nurses are “licensed”-ish. RNs are literally Registered Nurses. Medical
    assistants can become Registered, (like I am). I wouldn’t say they are
    “ONLY certified or registered”, since MAs also have a national agency which
    requires rigorous testing to come certified or registered.

  20. TheLadyofthelord777 says:

    But in this economy 36,000 dollars sounds really good. Even people with
    bachelors degrees in other fields dont make this much.

  21. Michael Cruz says:

    Senior medical assistant 10+ years…….$36,000 starting nurse first
    year…………………………$65,000 10+years $90,000 with nursing you
    can also do much more for your family….for just a two year program.. just

  22. Lolita says:

    @dudeman0762 I’m currently in school to be an RN, from there I’ll do a
    doctorate in LNP, however, from what I’m hearing from clinics and
    hospitals, they want 4-year degree employees. Not only are they making the
    big wages, but they’re better qualified and learned.

  23. jessicaketchup says:

    Nurses can work mon-fri at normal business hours, and have holidays off.
    Depends on what environment you work in.

  24. Ashley Roberts says:

    Are you reading a script??

  25. PurestPanda says:

    I love her accent and is this a contest submission?

  26. mettta88 says:

    Don’t forget to BUY AMERICAN-MADE products. This will help create jobs even
    if the government won’t do anything.

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