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Why don’t people believe that the Great Recession is over?

by tom44 on January 28, 2014

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Question by stonehudson2002: Why don’t people believe that the Great Recession is over?
Employment is back. I’m not talking about those auto manufacturing or city jobs. The Private Sector is back. College educated professionals, medical, technology driven industries are where the jobs are. It is a shame that Americans are lazy, yes lazy and refuse to join the 21st Century. Math, science and medicine will secure a money making future. Manufacturing, telephone operator, construction, trade, mechanic, city, state jobs are gone in the “rear view mirror.” Detroit, Newark, St.Louis, East Los Angeles, Gary, Indiana, Trenton, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, South Side Chicago, Far West Chicago will be in a recession for years to come until people move and accept that the old technology is dead. Sorry. This is the truth. Move on!..Next!
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Answer by Lincoln6
When the Unemployment rate makes an impressive reduction, people will have the money to go back to buying, fueling a greater reduction. It hasn’t happened yet.

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5 thoughts on “Why don’t people believe that the Great Recession is over?

  1. Third of Five says:

    Employment is back?
    Wow-thanks alot. That 10% unemployment rate the government keeps giving us each month must be a lie.
    I know of many well educated people who are out of work and cant find squat. You are speaking right out of your ass there buddy.

  2. John A says:

    Yep! It sure is over!

    Check the video below for proof.

  3. cassandra007 says:

    The recession is not over-this will become crystal clear by the summer,when the census workers will no longer have jobs,

  4. Maya R says:

    People have become wiser these days than to trust what “experts” or politicians tell them. They look around and it still feels bad. So their conclusion is – it is not yet over. Perceptions take precedence over statistics.

  5. Major Tom says:

    The media is in Obama hip pocket

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