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Why does the media like to continue to impose damage on Detroits rep?

by tom44 on August 3, 2013

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Question by ………………….: Why does the media like to continue to impose damage on Detroits rep?
This morning, CNN listed Detroit as the least desirable place to live in the U.S. amongst that was Cleveland, and kansas city.
Why couldn’t they just stick with the most desirable places?

Does the media enjoy rubbing it in peoples faces, and insulting people who don’t deserve to be insulted?
It’s like a down syndrom child. If you continue to bash them down, they will never improve no matter how hard they try. or for that matter, no matter how much they improve.

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Answer by Phocion Timon
“Does the media enjoy rubbing it in peoples faces, and insulting people who don’t deserve to be insulted?”

LOL, is the pope Catholic?

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5 thoughts on “Why does the media like to continue to impose damage on Detroits rep?

  1. Danny S says:

    Yes they do. Whether we like it or not, they have statistics that show that bad news sells and good news doesn’t. They will occasionally mention the good news, but even in the news paper industry, the rookie reporters often get “stuck” doing “fluff” stories and aspire to the day they get to do the hard hitting news.

  2. Sweet_Di says:

    i understand where you are coming from, I think Detroit and the state of Michigan needs to be left alone. Detroit is not the most dangerous city any more. why don;t they pick on Camden NJ, ?
    Camden N.J. has been named the nation’s most-dangerous city in the U.S.A.
    TRENTON, N.J. – Camden has been named the nation’s most-dangerous city, snatching the top spot from Detroit, according to a company’s annual ranking based on crime statistics.

    Detroit is the 3rd most dangerous place to live.
    Us Michigan people are good hard working people. I am a proud MICHIGANDER!!!
    GO RED WINGS!!!!

  3. tigerwing says:

    The media only reports the stories. They are not responsible for the woes of Detroit. If Detroit wants to fix the problem then start doing something about it. What little they have been doing so far hasn’t worked. Make Detroit a place that people want to come to. Compare Detroit to Chicago. The differences are striking.

  4. dontpanic_109711 says:

    This is such a major problem. You can tell just from these boards how people have such a negative idea of the city. The economy is bad, yes. But it isn’t the most dangerous city in the world! You don’t get shot when your walking down the road a noon.

    The reason they do it because people will believe that Detroit has such a bad reputation. For example, even if there was some fictional show, and someone got murdered in Detroit, well that’s believable. But who would believe that someone got murdered in some town in Connecticut? The media just enforces the stereotype that it’s such a bad place to live.

    With the economy the way it is, yes, I can actually see why they could make that up. But for any other reason? No. There is great shopping, great people, great schools, nothing to be ashamed of.

    It’s not like this has just started. Detroit has always had a terrible reputation. My parents divorced when I was young, and my mom stayed in the suburbs of Detroit, and my dad moved to Canada where was originally from. The two places were only an hour away from each other; yet everytime I would leave to go to my moms, people would say things like, “Have you ever seen anyone get shot?” “Be careful, you might get robbed.” “Do you ever go outside at night by yourself?” I could go on and on and on. Half those people had never been to Detroit, much less the suburbs. So, the only way they could have got the idea that Detroit was a terrible place was from the media.

    My sincere hope is that one day, Detroit will get a good mayor who cares about the city more then himself. And he/she will do a great job to clean up the city, and improve the reputation of the entire state.

    I’m tired of telling people I’m from “near Detroit”, and I get those looks, like I’m crazy. How have you lived this long?

    Anyway, I agree with you. Hopefully one day things will change!

  5. Christopher B says:

    There has been an article with diserable and non diserable places to live.


    I’m surprised Denver was ranked high ( though I did find myself a year or so again doing a lot of research on the city due to my high interest in it like Portland…)

    Boston is ranked the highest for northeast cities, and I’ve currently have gained more interest in Boston as well.

    Detroit, it comes to no surprise it’s listed last ( well no surprise to me). I wouldn’t want to live there nor the metro area.

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