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Why does Hillary want to outsource information technology jobs to India?

by tom44 on September 24, 2012

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Question by gatorw: Why does Hillary want to outsource information technology jobs to India?
And at the same why does she want to give more visas out so that foreigners can come take the few information technology jobs that are left in America away from Americans? Also why does the media never tell us she wants to do this?
just do a search on “hillary h1b visas”. You will find plenty of information about it.

Best answer:

Answer by Julian
yes, she is a bussiness woman.

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11 thoughts on “Why does Hillary want to outsource information technology jobs to India?

  1. lil bush says:

    link ?

  2. C. C. G says:

    To take more jobs from the United States. Incredible isn’t it? Have you ever called your bank or called for a warranty check on electronics, all you talk to is India people, this is the cause of Hillary and Bill and NAFTA.

  3. Dave M says:

    They’ve already been long time outsourced to India, the Phillipines and other countries like that. Where have you been?

  4. Bork M says:

    ‘lil bush’ asked for a link
    But in Buffalo, the fruits of the Tata deal have been hard to find. The company, which called the arrangement Clinton’s “brainchild,” says “about 10″ employees work here. Tata says most of the new employees were hired from around Buffalo. It declines to say whether any of the new jobs are held by foreigners, who make up 90% of Tata’s 10,000-employee workforce in the United States.”

    The quote from John Miano at the Programmer’s Guild reminds me very much of the criticisms faced by Harris Miller in last year’s Virginia Dem. primary:

    “It’s just two-faced,” said John Miano, founder of the Programmers Guild, one of several high-tech worker organizations that have sprung up as outsourcing has expanded. “We see her undermining U.S. workers and helping the offshoring business, and then she comes back to the U.S. and says, ‘I’m concerned about your pain.’ ”

  5. Don says:

    Guess who started it all? Daddy Bush did when he said, “we aren’t going to manufacture or produce anything. We’re going to sell information”. That was the start of NAFTA…so go blame it on the Bush regime.

  6. boohoo_Jebus says:

    Non-sense… Why do you have to post FALSE statements about Sen. Clinton ? Fear a woman of power ?

  7. doc_holliday1863 says:

    I have’nt heard about this befor and it’s not a good idea.
    I throught Bush had about everything outsourced because localy we have factorys closeint thier doors that have been here in Pennsylvania for 50 years or more.

  8. Timothy T says:

    she herself stated 35 years in govt. 35 years of corruption at work. After all she is married to a child molester and avoids her last name, Don’t want kids googling “clinton”and remembering what Bill did Right. We enjoyed that azz exposing himself to our innocent children.

  9. iflyoveryou says:

    That is an easy question. Just get a list of her campaign contributors and you will see who she wants to protect. Believe me, it isn’t the average taxpayer.

  10. jim r says:

    Clinton started the Outsource problem when he allowed corps to go tax exempt, the Bush folks layed some taxes on them to compensate. So maybe Hillary has plans to eliminate those tax es layed on them by Bush, I do know the corps are at the highest lev of tax ever right now because of the Bush tax plan and even McCain wants to lower them to 30% but no where near the almost tax free Clinton era ( for corps) Poor poor little sheep , we have been telling you the Dems are the source of the problems we have now

  11. offeradifferentangle says:

    outsourcing the manual labor jobs and the customer service jobs are not a bad thing. those jobs do not require much skill or education. so lets outsource them to people who have no access to education or training. in america we have access to higher education and should be striving higher than those jobs anyway. america has more resources, more schools, more opportunites. americans should strive higher. it is embarassing that only 30% of american high school graduates go to college. that number should be higher. we can do better. and in doing better we are also helping others who are less fortunate by outsourcing jobs.

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