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Why do cops in Chicago let the local street gangs run wild?

by tom44 on June 22, 2013

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Question by STRAUSSIAN: Why do cops in Chicago let the local street gangs run wild?
Other cities like NYC have clamped down on their street gangs to an extent. Chicago really hasn’t; street gangs are free to roam around that city and gun down rivals at will.

Why do Chicago cops allow this to happen? You know things are bad when the murder rate is almost 1/3rd higher than the rate in gangbanger-filled Los Angeles.

Why don’t Chicago’s cops crack down hard?

Are the rumors true that many cops in the city actually WORK FOR certain gangs, and protect them from other cops?

Best answer:

Answer by Ravenholme
The Chicago government is corrupt, some cops will join the force just to get paid off by gangs. It’s bad there.

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10 thoughts on “Why do cops in Chicago let the local street gangs run wild?

  1. AbbbeyV says:

    One crazy theory is the cops let crime get out of hand so they can get more union cops on the streets by stating they need more officers.

  2. Chr?s says:

    Chicago has corrupt cops, yes. Some are on the payroll for certain street gangs, so they look the other way when a crime is committed.
    Once I visited Chicago. I only saw one instance of corruption, but it was not gang related. An officer pulled a man over for speeding, and the man paid the cop off.
    Money can be very persuasive.

  3. Afgr says:

    its like being on the frontlines

  4. brucec83 says:

    Chicago is a pretty safe city for most of its citizens. The Chicago PD Gang Intelligence Unit works pretty hard and in cooperation with the FBI to keep it that way. There is corruption, but I don’t think it is nearly as bad as people think. The gangs are mostly killing each other, and in an unplanned fashion (person A is insulted by person B and he pops him), so it is pretty hard to prevent it and there is less opportunity to publicly take down kingpins and make headlines.

  5. ahsoasho2u2 says:

    Many theories floating even here.
    1) Politicians like gangs they make for hire more Police, Medics Firefighters.
    2) Politicians are paid to look the other way or stay out of this area this night.
    3) Police are on the take.
    4) Some police are ex gang members and look the other way.
    In truth who really knows what is going on?
    The Big 1992 Joining of the Crips and bloods in LA was a joke. In reality they joined forces to protect the Jamaican posse who did the Drug trade while the crips and Bloods provided secure havens for crack houses.

  6. Cal says:

    1. LA city and LA county are different. Cities like Compton helped give LA a bad reputation, but they don’t factor that into results for LA the city, since Compton is in LA county. The places that helped give LA a bad reputation are still bad. Chicago is bad, but places like Compton, Watts, and East LA never calmed down.

    2. It’s not rumors that cops work for gangs. It’s facts, though obviously not all cops. Wherever there is gangs, there are cops in that area that are affiliated with them. Lots of gang members become cops, because the best place for a criminal to hide in life, is behind a badge. Look at the Rampart division in LA. Many of the cops came out of the Mob Piru Blood gang in Compton. Officers David Mack, Rafael Perez, Kevin Gaines, and Nino Durden were a few that were busted and have known ties to that gang and wore all red off duty.

    3. Chicago’s city leaders created an escalation in crime when they started tearing down the known project buildings like Cabrini Green. They thought that if they tore down the areas where crime is concentrated and spread those people out across the city, they could get rid of a lot of problems. It didn’t occur to them that they are taking buildings where specific gangs are, and pushing them into areas where rival gangs live. This created lots of friction between the gangs.

  7. Nate says:

    Well CPD has 13,400 officers, NYPD has 35,284.

  8. Leslie S says:

    Actually CPD is now down to 10,300 officers. The city lies about how many they have. They have not hired enough to replace mandatory retirement in years.
    The officers they have cannot cover what is going on. Morale is 0. The former FBI agent who is boss is hated. He never did real street police work in his life and does not understand how police do things.
    No morale = less police work
    The cops arrest the ganbangers but the courts let them go. In case you do not know the county is under federal court supervision. They cannot hold people in jail for long because of overcrowding.
    so they get arrested and get out of jail in a day or two even if they have a high bond. Then they intimidate any witnesses so when the case comes up the states attorney has no one to testify.

    In the late 80’s and early 90’s under pressure from community groups CPD lowered the requirements and allowed people with backgrounds that would have never been OK before on the job.
    Many gang leaders sent in “clean” moles to become the police. It took years to weed them out but almost all are gone now.

    The last 3 “cops on the take from gangs” cases I have hard about where all Federal stings where the cops where working with the feds.

  9. L B says:

    There will always be crime no matter what. They cannot control everything.

    How do you know they let the street gangs run wild?

    Murder rate goes up during the summer also so keep that in mind.

    Of course there is corruption with the system but that does not mean evey cop is the same.

    Overall, you should get your facts straight before you accuse the CPD of not controlling something that they cannot possibly control 100% .

  10. Kenneth C says:

    Chicago cops on the whole are a bunch of decent people. It probably has more to do with….

    1) Lack of man power. All municipalities in the US are facing a budget crunch. Even in NYC. Here, they wanted to cut an additional 3000 officers until there was a spike in murders in NYC, a wilding incident in Times square and then the attempted bombing in Times Square. Mayor Bloomberg was forced to not cut any cops after that.

    2) The community. This is not communist China where cops have all kinds of powers to the point the police can lock you up because you looked at them the wrong way. Here, if the community doesn’t want to cooperate, then the police will not be effective. I am sure in Chicago, the minority, in particular the African American Community, does not have an affinity for the police. Anything the police do would be interpreted as “abuse of power”, or “police brutality”. Therefore, the community does not cooperate with the police and the gangs run wild. If the community, whether explicitly or implicitly condones the behavior of these gang members (Snitches get Stitches, or I’m not going to turn in the drug dealer because he is my grandson), then the police cannot have a handle on the gangs.

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