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why did public enemy call elvis racist?

by tom44 on March 2, 2013

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Question by Anonymous: why did public enemy call elvis racist?
elvis played the blues, which was a genre that was created by black people, he had many friends who were african american blues musicians.

was flava flav just being ignorant and assuming elvis was racist because he was a white southerner in the 50’s?

don’t get me wrong, i love publc enemy, and elvis wasn’t bad either, but i think this is a question that needs to be asked.

Best answer:

They try to lower Elvis to their level. They’re like little pickaninnies arguing….am not…are not…are too.
They argue stronger to protect a lie than expose the truth.

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3 thoughts on “why did public enemy call elvis racist?

  1. MartianAmbassador says:

    Either they’re wrong on this one, or it’s a metaphor for something else.

  2. ichigo says:

    he had a song called in the ghetto, which apparently the black community didnt like, which actually showed compassion to the black man (elvis cries on it for god’s sake)! PE blew it out of proportion because they are ignorant, and much like african americans of today, they feel because their ancestors were pushed around by our ancestors, its time they got to get us back for it. i dont know this for a fact but being the only white kid in virginia and an all black school kinda makes you feel this way.

  3. John Harris says:

    Elvis was not a racist. It was the public around him that was. America then was very much a segregated country and adults hated Elvis because he was the person most responsible for pushing black music into the mainstream.
    Journalists sometimes wrote lies about him by stating that he was a racist to purposely tarnish his image and stop the rising popularity of rock n roll, a style that originated from black music.
    The reason black performers then and now feel bitter towards him was that he was getting all the attention while they were struggling to get by each day. Once again this had nothing to do with Elvis, it’s the public who buy the records that count not the performer. Elvis should be seen as a godsend to anybody who likes rock n roll or blues music, he fused many styles together and put them all into the mainstream if they were not so already. His popularity helped out everybody in the industry who recorded rock n roll & rhythm and blues music.
    Throughout his career, he befriended many black people in his community and in the entertainment world and became close friends with some including Sam Davis Jnr & Jackie Wilson. When Jackie had a stroke in the mid seventies Elvis sent money to his family to pay for his medical expenses. When Elvis returned to live performing again at the end of the sixties he hired the Sweet Inspirations who were a black backup group. In 1974 when Elvis played the Houston Astrodome, he was told from staff at the venue to not let the Sweet Inspirations perform with him, to which he bluntly replied that he would cancel all his shows at the venue if they couldn’t perform with him. Elvis won out and the shows went on.
    In 1975 he purchased an electric wheelchair for a poor black Memphis woman and picked her up and personally sat her in it. The woman’s teenage daughter told Elvis she liked his car. He gave it to her and even gave her boyfriend a job. Many of his acts of generosity were done in private, he didn’t do them to help raise his profile in the media.
    Elvis knew that he wasn’t the creator of rock n roll and he understood that his color contributed to his fame. In a number of early interviews he gave he often tried to make it clear to the reporters that he was not the originator of the style and he always spoke favorably about black performers to help boost their careers.
    So Yes Flava Flav was being ignorant!. I don’t hold to much against him since Hip hop artists in general are known for saying ignorant & dumb things in their raps.

    Watch this video too

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