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Why can’t we let the Tea Party people, Conservatives and Republicans not pay taxes and get no services?

by tom44 on August 30, 2013

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Question by Robert: Why can’t we let the Tea Party people, Conservatives and Republicans not pay taxes and get no services?
What if we let the Tea Party, Conservatives and Republicans not pay taxes. Give them exactly what they want. I assume they don’t want streets, lights, parks, police protection, fire protection, public schools, libraries, social security, medical. Basically they must live off the grid and not use any public roads or facility’s. Its what they want so let them have it.

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Answer by rendarsmith
Because the government needs their money to bail out all those banks!

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10 thoughts on “Why can’t we let the Tea Party people, Conservatives and Republicans not pay taxes and get no services?

  1. Louis S says:

    They already pay all the taxes and get no services, or we wouldn’t be in this declining slump to begin with.

  2. Joshums says:

    That’s not what the Tea Party movement is about and you know it.

  3. checkoutyomind says:

    LOL, thats not what they want…they want those services but they dont want to help needy people acquire those services. God forbid some of their tax money feed a poor child…..

  4. YoungIT says:

    Well, the streets police and all of that is up to local government. I’m fine without the social legislation stuff like Social security, healthcare, etc. I can earn that on my own in the course of a lifetime if I work hard at it. The government just needs to provide essential services like unemployment, and a millitary. This from a black Libertarian.

    In rebuttal. How about we just raise taxes on the people who think the government should pay for and control everything and let them pay for all of it as in pay for everyone else.

    BTW, I don’t mind helping disadvantaged people who are trying to help themselves. I just think it should be my choice and not government mandate. I’ll help who I see fit.

  5. John says:

    I think it’s a great idea but as long as they live in the U.S. and we are protecting our homeland, they are benefiting also.

  6. parqueuzi says:

    Sounds good to me. I’d rather take the money I normally pay in taxes and use it to pay specifically for those services I use as well as for private charities that I personally support.

  7. Uncle Pennybags says:

    I’d totally do it in a heartbeat.

    I’d pay user fees to the company that owns and maintains our streets vs. the city that let’s the potholes keep growing.

    I’d get our HOA to put up it’s own street light or buy the one that exists now. We’d pay the electric bill to whatever competing electric company offers us the best rate

    I’d pay an entrance fee to use a private park, JUST like I have to do with many state and county parks now even with the taxes.

    I’d pay a fee on my Homeowners insurance policy to maintain fire service response by a private fire company they’d contract out with.

    I’d provide my own police protection by arming myself and also pay a private police company of my own choosing for emergency response. Heck, I could even choose a level of service like how often they patrol by my home, etc.

    I’d pay for my son’s education + get to choose his school to boot, instead of sending him to the failing public school system we have now.

    I’d pay an monthly membership fee to a private library, if I believed it would be of use to me. The current public library is of little use to me.

    I’d take the 12.4% I pay for Social Security and put it into my own private retirement fund buying safe securities like federally insured CDs and Treasury bonds, and earn 3% to 4% on my money, instead of the measly 1.23% Social Security Ponzi scheme returns.

    I’d pay for my family’s own medical insurance, oh wait, I do that now.

    All in all, I bet I’d be much happier with the services I receive, as the service providers would actually care that I’m happy with the service, or lose my business to a competing service. Ever wonder why everyone hates going to the DMV?

    Believe it or not, most of us could get by just fine if the gov’t had not usurped all these functions you talk about. We’d simply use that tax money to buy the private services, or go without them if not needed.

    It would not be fair to deny me public roads, since I have no say in whether they were gov’t owned or not and I have already paid taxes on them. I would however pay reasonable usage fees to maintain them.

  8. B.Kevorkian says:

    Because, if you make paying taxes & receiving service optional, those who have lots of income, and thus pay lots of taxes, will opt out of the services (buying them privately, instead); while those with little/no income, will opt in – paying little/no taxes, but requiring lots of services. Instant insolvency.

    Not that we’re solvent, now, but it’d be worse…

  9. David F says:

    you can ask the law

  10. DosCentavos says:

    You don’t get it. 40-50% of your check is already chewed up by federal taxes — Social Security is also a TAX. Taxes should be kept at the local or municipal level so that there is more transparency and more money is spent on these services rather than on maintaining a bureaucracy.

    In a scenario where one could escape oppressive taxes, conservatives would:
    ….hire their own private security guards (e.g. for a subdivision of 100 homes…. at $ 200 per home…whoa that’s $ 200,000 for 5 full time or 10 night time security guards — and since there are no taxes for the guards, they’d be getting paid DOUBLE what they would normally get.) Or one cop per 10 homes. DUH.

    They’d go to Wal-mart and buy quick crete to patch the holes in the roads. $ 10 a bag and no wait for 10 months of bureaucratic paperwork. DUH

    They’d install fire protection systems and have a volunteer fire department.

    They’d buy their books on Amazon — or better yet get a Kindle for $ 260 — they’d take the used books and donate to a library — that they would build.

    They’d send their kids to private schools — because let’s face it, private schools as a general rule have much higher success rates.

    They recognize social security as a tax and take that 12% that would have come out of their check and toss it into a 401K with an 8% yield.

    They buy their own insurance AND understand that medicine needs to stay PRIVATIZED not socialized to work properly.

    So yeah, keep your hands off of our money — we’ll take care of ourselves.

    What Conservatives, Tea Party members and true REPUBLICANS understand that liberals don’t is that GOVERNMENT DOES NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING except bureaucracy. Military equipment is produced by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Smith & Wesson, etc. All private companies. The government does not create anything tangible except papework. They don’t produce bottled water, pens, pencils, toothbrushes, cars, solar cells, Ipods, Iphones, Skinputs, Ipads, water heaters, light bulbs… really…name one tangible product that government produces?

    Government contracts PRIVATE industry to do the work for them using money they’ve taken from the general populace. You are of the mind that government can spend your money better than you can — obviously you don’t have a job, don’t own a house and don’t pay bills. Do you really need government to tell you how you should invest and save for retirement? Which insurance company (medicare/medicaid) you should be paying for? Or which cause (e.g. salamander crossings?!! for $ 50,000???!!! ) you should be funding (other taxes) so that they can keep useless bureaucratic jobs funded?

    It took 12 years to build an overpass here in Atlanta. It took Walt Disney 18 months to build Disney World…. between government and private industry there is no comparison as to which performs better. If there is a need for roads, people will pay for it — but when its your money and not someone else’s, you’ll make sure the roads will last longer than 4 years before they need to be ‘resurfaced’ again.

    You also forget — WE paid for those roads and services with our taxes in the first place. The reason they’re constantly under repair or under duress is because they’re so poorly managed by — you guessed it, government. You’re saying a person can’t hire a contractor for construction, road, utilities, security, tutoring/teaching or other needed services? You believe government can do it better? HAHAHAHA!

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