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Who thinks Southern California is the best place in America?

by tom44 on July 27, 2013

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Question by Ash’ari Maturidi: Who thinks Southern California is the best place in America?
Especially West LA, the OC, Ventura County, Santa Barbara and San Diego…

Do you find places in America better than these??

Please state your opinion.

Best answer:

Answer by Paris Hilton
Jamie, really now !!! I know you are into weapons of war, but this is just asking for it…LOL….Every place in America has its own little charms…

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2 thoughts on “Who thinks Southern California is the best place in America?

  1. ytellu says:

    In terms of Climate—Job opportunities—Excitement—
    Scenery —Contrasting Styles of Living–Entertainment–
    Fast Food Restaurants—Shopping on various levels–
    Schools—Colleges—Freeways—Fire and Law
    Enforcement —Senior living —Hospitals—Medical Facilities —-Food Stores–Little Saigon–Olvera Street
    (Mexican) —China Town—Japanese Town`—you
    name it

    I lived and studied and worked in Pasadena –Long
    Beach–Commerce—Hollywood—Beverly Hills–

    Went to nice beaches in Laguna ,Huntington Beach–
    Casinos in Commerce–3 famous Horse Race Tracks–
    Disneyland and several others—shopped in 99c stores
    and Mini-malls and Century City –Fashion Island—on and
    on and on !

    Not for everyone !—- I like New York City—and Montana–
    And there are small towns where I would be content
    and there are cheaper places to live

    But I always come back to Southern California !

  2. Shelley L says:

    I don’t plan to live anywhere else. 🙂

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