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Which pharmacy technician training programs are board certified?

by tom44 on July 21, 2013

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Question by neverneverland: Which pharmacy technician training programs are board certified?
Is there a website with a list of schools and programs to be a pharmacy technician that are board certified? I am particularly looking for somewhere in the Los Angeles, California area. If anyone can recommend a school or training program for a pharmacy tech that is very “legit” that would be greatly appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by pretty + poisonous
Please don’t waste your time and money doing any formal training to be a pharmacy technician. You can easily get a job in a drugstore, even with no experience. All you need is a HS diploma/GED and a clean criminal record. Anywhere “good” to work (hospital, mail-order) requires experience.

This is one of the few medical jobs where the amount of experience is by far more important than if you have formal training. I’ve worked at 2 different drugstores, and I have yet to meet a pharm tech that has been through formal training.

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