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Which one of these careers are the best to go into? Medical or Real Estate PLEASE GIVE ANY ADVICE!?

by tom44 on September 3, 2012

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Question by erlax5693: Which one of these careers are the best to go into? Medical or Real Estate PLEASE GIVE ANY ADVICE!?
I’m going to be a senior in high school in a Minneapolis, Mn Suburb. My prospect schools are: University of North Dakota, North Dakota State (NDSU), University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD), and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I will be starting my four years off in the Fall of 2011. I’m trying to decide between 2(Possibly 3) Careers. First is a General Practitioner/Family Practice which I know also requires 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency. That’s a lot of school (but does the pay out-weigh the long term school commitment?) Another career is Real Estate/Investments. I know right now is not the perfect time for this type of job but I would love to buy houses and renovate them and make a profit (Real Estate Investor). If anyone could also give any more career choices similar to these. I would like some pro’s and con’s on both of them and keep in mind I don’t plan on staying in minnesota. I plan to live in California( L.A. or Sacramento) or Utah(Provo). Thank you so much and all or any information is appreciated!
The 2 most important things to me in a career are Flexibility and Salary, I would like to make $ 125,000+

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Answer by earwaxyness
Consider what you want out of life. Do you see yourself getting married early or later? Do you see yourself being able to stick out 11-12 years of school beyond high school or would a shorter term suit you better? Do you see yourself working in an office, making phone calls, going on appointments or do you see yourself in a hospital getting your hands dirty? Do you want a Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule or are you ok with working nights and weekends and holidays?

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3 thoughts on “Which one of these careers are the best to go into? Medical or Real Estate PLEASE GIVE ANY ADVICE!?

  1. Night says:

    Right now is a crappy time to be a RE agent, and I dont think its liable to improve. If you want to be able to actually work I would recommend the medical field hands down. However you should also look into what is actually involved in the jobs you are thinking of taking. Make an honest assessment of your strengths, and be especially brutal about your weaknesses. Make sure you pick a career you will actually be willing and able to do. Remember too that there are a lot more medical careers than just a doctor.

  2. dakotalover says:

    You should shadow people involved in the two careers.

    Are you good at science? Do you love it? Do you like people? Going into medicine at the physician level isn’t about the money until you have graduated and practiced for a few years — and that may have changed due to the political winds by the time you finish med school. Medicine involves life and death decisions, in addition to lancing boils. Is that what you want to be doing with your life?

    Do what you love and the money will follow. Yes, even in these economic times, it just takes a little longer.

  3. toni l says:

    Here is my general answer to your question: think about this…

    ANYONE, with or without an education, as long as they are willing to learn, can be a real estate agent…that’s the beauty of the business world. You could start your own business with good insights and good knowledge (which could be from experience, school, observation, mentors, etc).

    But to be a doctor means to have knowledge (almost unique and only to the doctors). Doesn’t matter how well you know the material, you can’t be a doctor without med school education, and pass the three USMLE tests…

    As a real estate agent, you will be subjected to the change in the economy. As a doctor, you will always have patients…

    Then there is the point about what you want in life, as someone mentioned before. Do you want a family early, etc. Also, what are you interested? Medicine is a long and hard road…

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