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Which Military Service Should I Join?

by tom44 on April 17, 2013

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Question by hulkhogan79: Which Military Service Should I Join?
I am currently in Army JROTC, and Navy Sea Cadet Corps in Charleston,SC. I am in High School, ready to join the military. I really dont care about the job career. i just want to know which military service you guys on yahoo answers recommend.
My Dad is retired Coast Guard with 21 years.
I wouldn’t mind working with air, sea, or land. job prefrences, maybe law enforcement, infantry, or medical. 1 other thing i forgot to mention. i have glaucoma, can i get a wavier for that?

Best answer:

Answer by z-Steve
The oldest one. US Coast Guard!

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7 thoughts on “Which Military Service Should I Join?

  1. Indalecio Celesta says:

    Air Force.

    Easily the most awesome thing you can possibly do. PLUS you stand a chance at becoming an astronaut.

  2. Jake says:

    Land, Sea or Air? That’s your choice. BUT since you have some experience with the Navy Sea Cadet Corps, it wouldn’t hurt to go navy.

    Navy is alot of time on a ship, Army is alot of time on ground, and well the Air Force is just alot of time on base behind a computer (boring).

    I would say Navy just because your experience with that branch already.

  3. redleg says:

    USCG the oldest one? LMFAO…

    USCG founded 4 August 1790

    US Army founded 14 June 1775

    Army National Guard founded 1636

    Missed that day in history huh?

    And to answer the question…depends largely on your interest, desires and long term goals.

  4. illusivemuse says:

    Well it really does depend on the job. I’m assuming since you said that you don’t care about the job career that your main interest is to just serve, and I applaud you for your future service.

    If you don’t care about your job while IN the service, think about what you’d like to do once you get out. The military can help you get an education, and some jobs in the military give you invaluable job training that you can apply when you get out.

    If you really haven’t decided your long term goals, and are just looking for a branch to join, I’d sit down and look at your probable jobs once upon joining each branch. You may not care now, but after talking to a counselor you may find yourself preferring one assignment over others.

    All branches are equally important in their respective primary missions, and the only difference will be your satisfaction.

  5. Jeremy says:

    It fully depends what you want to do. If it’s any combat oriented job, go with the Marines. The army is just a death certificate waiting to be signed.

    Other than that, it’s fully up to what you want to do. I see you’re interested in both infantry and medical. You could go for navy corpsman. It’s basically the equivalent of a medic. If you go greenside (greenside=working with marines, blue side=being in a hospital) you’ll get to roll with the infantry, while doing medical. Much more interesting than setting in a hospital.

    Also, don’t let your current jrotc influence what branch you join. Join whatever you want because once you’re in, jrotc means nothing except just knowing military courtesies such as how to give a proper greeting and when to salute and such.

    One more thing, don’t listen to that guy that said “Go air force. You can be an astronaut!” That’s like saying “Move to China, you could become emperor!” If you want to go air force, that’s your choice, but don’t do it to ‘become an astronaut.’

  6. Pal says:

    Air Force or Army

  7. Habib89 says:

    as noble as it is for you to decide to join the military, you need to make the smart decision. don’t just join the military without a plan. do you want to go career? if not, what do you want to do afterward? if you dont’ know what you want to do, you won’t do anything, and you will not be successful in life. you might join up for your 4 years… do your time and when you get out you’ll have no goal, no path to follow.

    if you’re gonna be stubborn and not listen to what many of the people here are saying then just join any branch. you’ll apparently be happy with any of them since you don’t care what you do.

    if it’s infantry or law enforcement that you’re interested in, then join the army or marines. both of those are great stepping stones to becoming either local law enforcement or even federal law enforcement (if you get a college degree).

    medical is also great. all the branches offer jobs in the medical field, but to be taken seriously in the civilian world you’ll obviously need a college degree and/or a phd. you can maybe try to become a combat medic so you have that mix of infantry and medical. you could be AF pararescue and help save people.

    another thing you want to think about is education. whether you’re gonna do career military or come back into the civilian world, you’re going to need a college degree. that’s just the way the world is now a days. the AF offers the most educational benefits through tuition assistance while active. everyone that serves gets the GI bill so that’s a great way to continue your education after you get out. but no matter what, you need to get a degree or else your options will be very limited.

    i guess the moral of the story is this. choose a path and work hard to achieve your goals. there may be many steps and it might be very difficult, but if you work hard and plan properly you’ll achieve any goals.

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