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Which job should I go for?

by tom44 on June 12, 2013

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Question by Kandee: Which job should I go for?
I’m 17 and next year will be my Senior year. I can’t figure out which path I should take but I need opinions. Also, could you help me find the salary range for each, like most and least pay? I live in South Carolina.

Graphic Design- I love working on the computer, I’m always on it and I love working with Photoshop. I’ve taken MANY graphic design courses in high school and I enjoy doing it. Although, I’m not that much of a creative person. It’s hard to create things from scratch unless someone gives me specifically what they want.

Dermatologist- I have suffered with acne for about a year and been to many dermatologists. I like working with just the face on acne and maybe giving facial peels or chemical peels. But, I’m not the smartest girl, and my GPA is not that good and you have to go to school for a long time.

Massage Therapist- I like making people feel good (not in a sexual way). I’m a shy person in general but it seems something fun to try out. Although you might have to do pervy men, or some fat huge hair back.

Best answer:

Answer by Go with the flow
Graphic Design.
This is basically a new name for an Art degree- but on a computer.
The stats (I do research on this).
Employers simply do NOT have the demand for all the graduates.
The colleges are flooded by students wanting to take this “fun and easy” degree.
Exciting to spend 4 years in college taking.

Massage Therapist – are you kidding?
There is no pay on that.
And no college needed. Usually for people that never got a GED.

Dermatologist – that’s a Doctor.
About 9 years of college.

I suggest you talk to your parents a bit.

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2 thoughts on “Which job should I go for?

  1. MavistheMaven says:

    Graphic design can be a great career, and high paying, too. You don’t have to be super creative, but you do have to be good at computer graphics. Most jobs are for business software, so they will tell you what they need, like icons for computer applications (a tiny drawing of someone reading, or an arrow pointing in a certain direction), or splashes for websites (a montage of business scenes, or hip scenes, for example).

    You already know that you will need top grades in college, especially in biology, chemistry and physics, then med school, then a hospital internship and general residency before you ever get to specialize in dermatology as an MD.

    But if you like working with chemical peels and such, you could always be a dermatology nurse. You’d get an RN or BSN, then specialize. Pay ranges from decent to very good. But you’d have to deal with more than hairy backs on your way towards a derm specialty.

    I’d skip massage therapy as a career, though of course you could take a course and see what you think.

    For now, keep up the graphics, take those sciences and see what you think. You don’t have to be a genius, you just have to be willing to work hard enough to master the material.

  2. Summer Lover says:

    One thing I thought of when you said dermatologist but maybe your GPA isnt good enough is Esthatecian (spelling may be off there.) You work with people and help them with their skin but you do not have to do as much medical school.
    As far as salaries, South Carolina is a big state and I am sure pay is different even from Myrtle Beach to Charleston so what I would do is go on Simply and you can find salary ranges on there.

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