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Which college out of these 5 would you pick?

by tom44 on September 30, 2013

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Question by Mark: Which college out of these 5 would you pick?
I am being recuited by 5 colleges and of course i can only choose one. i dominated the SAT’s the ACT’s and a scholarship for sports. ok here they are. 1.Michigan(which is where i live right now) 2.Holy Cross 3.Boston College, Syracuse and USC, right now im leaning torwards Holy Cross due to their gorgeous manicured campus and small class sizes. and academic focus, would you agree? They also play half of the Ivy leagues in football. I want to become an othopedic surgeon after college.

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Answer by James M
USC for sure

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5 thoughts on “Which college out of these 5 would you pick?

  1. erinjf329 says:

    BC. You’d have great opportunities to intern at some of the greatest hospitals in the world.
    Plus Boston is awesome.

    BC football games are a lot of fun and there are always a ton of people there.

  2. Ginger O says:

    Holy Cross is a serious academic school so if you want to be an orthopedic surgeon it is probably your best bet. They encourage their athletes to be student athletes.

  3. m c says:

    If the scholarship money is there, go to college that offers the best education in the field you hope to pursue. If class size and academics are your focus, I think you’re on the right track. Congratulations and good luck!

  4. tc5fans says:

    Boston College cuz I love Boston.

  5. RoaringMice says:

    Holy Cross does an amazing job preparing students for, and getting students into medical school. They get a larger percentage of their applicants into US med schools than does BC, and that’s saying something. If you like Holy Cross, and plan med school, they’d be a very good choice.

    The smaller class sizes, the smaller school atmosphere, and its strong academic rep are also good reasons to chose them.

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