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Which city has more fashion jobs, Boston or Philly?

by tom44 on September 4, 2012

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Question by marilu r: Which city has more fashion jobs, Boston or Philly?
I work in the fashion industry and in one year I’ll have to move to one of these cities. My serious boyfriend got into both schools located in both cities and I have some say in where we will move. I want to continue my career in the fashion business.

Which cities have the most fashion jobs? Philly or Boston?

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Answer by I like my puppy
I would say Boston…

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2 thoughts on “Which city has more fashion jobs, Boston or Philly?

  1. Moonk says:

    Maybe you could live in Manhattan and travel to Boston or Philly on the weekends.

  2. l18dreamon says:

    I have no idea about Philly but Boston has tons of people in design and its very competitive here. The job market in your field is very tight here unless you have a lead or network to rely on. Too bad he doesn’t want to go to NY.

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