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Which area in Las Vegas is a good area to live?

by tom44 on November 23, 2012

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Question by ladyBK: Which area in Las Vegas is a good area to live?
I’m planning to move to las vegas nv. is there a site that tells me which area is a safe place, ok, bad place to live?? thanks.
I’m young. I have a place to work at. I’m looking for an apartment, not a home. Where I’m from, we go by the east, west, north, south… Whats the order? I dont mind a so-so neighborhood but not a neighborhood that have a lot of crimes (drug deals, gangs, etc)

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Answer by Hitman
Summerlin and Anthem are nice. Go there and take a tour with a real estate agent. They’ll be happy to show you different neighborhoods.

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4 thoughts on “Which area in Las Vegas is a good area to live?

  1. michaelb says:

    We lived in working class neighborhoods there and I just asked my daughter if she ever had trouble she said “no”

  2. FAT says:

    Good apartments are in Henderson and the Southern part of the valley. Don’t live in North Las Vegas thats ghetto.

  3. lvgeno says:

    Summerlin and the Southwest are the best places. Summerlin is expensive. The Southwest is the newest area and a lot of construction that has come to a halt. A lot of the younger professionals have moved down there and is affordable. Outside of the 215 is the best areas.

    If you don’t have a job already lined up then don’t move here. There are no jobs to be had unless you are in medical. Even then apply now before moving. You had better read this article about moving to Vegas.

  4. Mina says:

    Do not move down town or to North Las Vegas. I would suggest you think about the South West

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