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Where to look for a job in North Miami/Aventura area?

by tom44 on May 14, 2014

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Question by Isabella: Where to look for a job in North Miami/Aventura area?
I am using craiglist to find a job but is not working…..any idea?

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Answer by cookie
the aventura mall my mommy used to work in the aventura mall she had gr8 friends that told her a nice office but we moved oh and try to aim for the hialeah salon infront of publix

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2 thoughts on “Where to look for a job in North Miami/Aventura area?

  1. Florida Girl says:

    go to the Miami Herald online and check out the classified ads for employment. That is the biggest new paper in Miami and they will have lots of listings. You can also search for temp and full time employment agencies in the areas you are interested in and send them your resume. Many jobs in those areas will require you to be bi-lingual. If you are, make sure to add that to your resume. Good Luck.

  2. Sensual Seduction says:

    you can look in the Sunday paper for job listings. If you want a county or city job try googling city of North Miami, ect.

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