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Where near Durham, North Carolina is the best place to live?

by tom44 on January 23, 2014

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Question by : Where near Durham, North Carolina is the best place to live?
I am interviewing for a job in the RTP and was wondering where I should live? I want to live in a nice area where there is lots to do and would be fairly easy to meet people. I am a 20-something single female and don’t know anyone who lives there. So I need to be around people and find things to do. I also like to run, so a runner-friendly place with good paths would be ideal.

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Answer by *SarrahzMommy?JessiesWife*
Providence or Yanceyville!

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2 thoughts on “Where near Durham, North Carolina is the best place to live?

  1. duke D says:

    chapel hill or cary.

  2. rob1977nc says:

    By far the easiest commute into RTP is from Durham itself. Durham is a growing city that’s on the up and up these days. Best place for a young single gal would probably be areas just west of downtown. You’d probably love the Ninth Street and Brightleaf Square areas, for example. Great shopping, dining, bars and cafes within walking distance of hip urban apartments. Check out West Village Apartments for start…and it’s an easy commute just down Hwy 147 into RTP. Another good one is Station Nine apartments.

    I live in Raleigh because my job is there, but I head up the road to Durham quite often. Great place to be.

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