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Where is it easier to find jobs? Austin or Houston?

by tom44 on August 10, 2012

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Question by : Where is it easier to find jobs? Austin or Houston?
Just wondering where there are more job opportunities? Which city has more competition for jobs? etc.

I have a degree in communications, and a couple years retail experience. If I’m planning to move to Texas, which city would be my best choice in finding anything (from retail, or entry level)

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Answer by L
I was going to say Houston based on an article I thought I had read recently in Forbes magazine about how high oil prices have kept their local unemployment rate well below the national average. However when I searched for that article, I found that it actually ranked Austin higher. So, Austin.

Austin is awesome anyway. Houston smells terrible and has too many mosquitoes.

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One thought on “Where is it easier to find jobs? Austin or Houston?

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