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Where is a great place to meet women in Sacramento?

by tom44 on November 23, 2013

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Question by Poop hole: Where is a great place to meet women in Sacramento?
Yeah, I’m moving to Sac town and I’m looking to find where the good women go. I am kind of tired of bar hopping looking for a cheap *censor* job. Not really looking to settle down, but I want to know where to go to find women who like to keep it chill and relax. Maybe even smoke weed, that would be nice.

Any idea’s? Again not looking to settle down or party party party, just looking for that nice in between. Any idea’s?

Best answer:

Answer by rYe gUy
libraries, gyms, colleges, really anywhere if you have to confidence, just don’t go looking, she will find you!

look for the body language!

answer mine too plz:;_ylt=AkiKyGDv32wLUFjef9vBCIjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091128013210AA4SD5q

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