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Where in Las Vegas would be a good place to find a motel with weekly rates?

by tom44 on March 7, 2013

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Question by curouis: Where in Las Vegas would be a good place to find a motel with weekly rates?
I’m planning on moving to Las Vegas from Southern California. I hear that there are motels downtown that offer weekly and monthly rates. How much should I plan on spending? I would want to stay in a motel to find a job and find an apartment.

If I stay in a motel for a month and I realize that Las Vegas is not my cup of tea I can move back to Southern California.

Currently I’m a 27 year old unemployed male.

Best answer:

Answer by jack
The Budget Suites at 4300 W Tropicana is a nice place in a good location..
IMO, their rates are very reasonable.


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6 thoughts on “Where in Las Vegas would be a good place to find a motel with weekly rates?

  1. CJ says:

    I’ve heard Budget Suites has decent rates of about $ 200 a week, I’ve never stayed there before.

    Also, I believe there’s a place called Extended Stay Suites and Marriott has an extension hotel that offers weekly rates.

  2. 2 Old 2 RocknRoll, 2 Jung 2 Die says:

    dont stay at budget suites unless you plan on getting robbed or getting crackwhores to blow you. If you HAVE to do that, do Emerald Suites on the south strip. Ugh. Ps – there are no jobs here… there are 21,000 unemployred casino and construction workers tho

  3. Paco says:

    There are loads of motels and hotels that offer weekly and monthly rates. Some are near the strip. Budget suites is one of the more upscale chains that do this.
    It is near depression levels here. The Plaza Casino and hotel (attached to the bus station) has rooms for very little.

  4. VegasConcierge says:

    Budget Suites is a chain of motels that offer weekly rates. There are several locations in Vegas and many of them are just a short distance from the Las Vegas strip. They also offer monthly rates.

  5. Rant & Rave in Las Vegas says:

    stay AWAY from downtown.

    I live on south las vegas blvd (south strip) the nice area… there is a that offers weekly rates and it is nicely located by stores (cvs pharmacy, chilis ‘i think’, food for less and the silverton ‘bass pro shop’ casino is half a mile away) and freeways.

    there is a bus stop right in front and no homeless people hanging out like in the downtown area

    the city center is currently hiring for the end of this year and that is only a couple of miles fro here

  6. bradyscat says:

    why a motel? You can stay at a cool casino for almost nothing if you use one of those vacation packages like they give out at timeshares. You can find them at this website & you don’t even have to sit thru a timeshare pitch – you just get the voucher! They have them for vegas & other places too – good luck!

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