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Where do you find Nannying jobs in Boston?

by tom44 on November 8, 2012

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Question by Sean S: Where do you find Nannying jobs in Boston?
My wife and I are moving to Boston in the fall and she wants to be a nanny. Any suggestions on where she should look for positions and what pay typically is for full-time, live-out nannies with college educations?

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Answer by Courtney S
either or

people usually pay between 10-15 bucks per hour for a live out nanny…if you look in the right places, they will pay up to 25 bucks or so but that isnt common.

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3 thoughts on “Where do you find Nannying jobs in Boston?

  1. janellekel says:

    You can also go through a local agency such as Beacon Hill Nannies-we used them and found a Nanny that was right for our family.

  2. ShouldBeWorking says:

    Depending on the area, a Nanny can be expensive. My friend did it for a summer, and she got to travel with the family (they went to Nantucket, Florida. . . .a lot of places actually) and hang out with the kids during the day, and then at least one night a week just go off on her own ( I mean while on the trips ) and she was making $ 21 an hour! . .. You could try Craig’s List, but generally people are much more comfortable going through a company, so I would see if you can get established with a program, and go from there. Best of luck!

  3. irishfincutie says:

    i live 25-30 mins away! 🙂

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