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where can i go to find a CNA job on line? ?

by tom44 on May 31, 2013

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Question by Gigi: where can i go to find a CNA job on line? ?
i am going to school to be an RN. one of the requirements is to become a CNA first for a year before even being considered for the program . I got my CNA cert now what?? i am looking for a new job due to a move.Where do i go to find a job?i have tried career builder and hot jobs and also monster to no avail. I live in chicago . Any ideas ?

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Answer by luvwontletmewait
You can try any nursing home, assisted living, group homes for children, elderly or the disabled. Hospitals in your area or try temporary agencies or just google CNA jobs in Chicago. I don’t know about Chicago but here in California CNA’s can work in the prisons and that would be under state jobs.

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One thought on “where can i go to find a CNA job on line? ?

  1. Rick Ross says:

    look at cna page that should help

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