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Where can I find a job in San Diego?

by tom44 on March 20, 2014

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by Mac(3)

Question by Square Root: Where can I find a job in San Diego?
Im new to the area,and I am looking for Warehouse work,I ‘m 32 years old, d’ont have a drivers license, and I’m trying to stay away from Weed smoking long enough to get something steady(no temps).and I have a clean criminal record(2misdemeanors).I live in El Centro,and I dont want to travel too far.

Best answer:

Answer by lala always has a lot of jobs…just make sure you click san diego as the city

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2 thoughts on “Where can I find a job in San Diego?

  1. amandameibeyer says:

    Go to

    That site has job postings in all areas.

  2. California Guy says:

    Your best bet is to try to contact some employment agencies to see if any temp to perm jobs in warehousing exist in your area. Also, try looking in your local newspaper or pennysaver classified ad section for local job listings

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