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where can a 13 year old in Raleigh get a job?

by tom44 on August 4, 2013

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Question by abdullahmansaray: where can a 13 year old in Raleigh get a job?
Im real desperate for money, and my parents don’t even give me allowance! Where can a 13 year old get a good paying job?

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Answer by nephesh_pnumonic

you’ll have to put up with your cheap parents until you’re 16, as child-labor laws prohibit most forms of employment for children under 16.

i didn’t get allowance either, and while it sucks to go without, you really can’t do much about it. you can, however, evaluate why you feel you’re “desperate” for money. what’s it for? if it’s for food, clothes, medicine, or school-related expenses, and talking with your parents does nothing, talk to your teachers or guidance counselors about the situation. if it’s for something “frivolous” like an mp3 player or cellphone et al, you’ll just have to wait to be old enough to be employable.

you could always get inventive. i’d ghost-write for a fee, or sell candy at a school where vending machines have been banned.

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