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Where are the medical jobs in the Colorado mountains?

by tom44 on July 28, 2013

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Question by Forgiven: Where are the medical jobs in the Colorado mountains?
I want to move to the mountains of Colorado and seeking a job as a Electroneurodiagnostic Tech. I prefer a smaller town to live in. One that is not too expensive.

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Answer by Cunninlynguist
Frisco/Dillon/Silverthorne area.

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2 thoughts on “Where are the medical jobs in the Colorado mountains?

  1. everybodiesmama says:

    I suspect you work out of a Hospital that is Specialized or has Specialist that require this sort of lab your skills are used in. Though many of the small Mountain towns have Hospitals, few have Highly Specialized Labs, most patients are sent to Denver, Colorado Springs, or Grand Junction in that order. I wish you luck finding such a job in any mountain town, but I suspect Denver and one of the larger Hospitals such as University of Colorado Health Science Center, St. Anthony’s Hospitals, Children’s Hospital, Presbyterian/ St. Luke’s (PSL) Hospitals will be your better chance for employment.

  2. marci knows best says:

    To add to what ‘everybody’ said, which is correct because small mountain towns tend to have small hospitals, you could live in a mountain town close to Denver metro such as Bergen Park, or Idaho Springs that are close to I-70 or Conifer on I-285. and commute to a large hospital.

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