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Where are the coolest places to live for a young professional in Houston?

by tom44 on May 17, 2013

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Question by Jawad: Where are the coolest places to live for a young professional in Houston?
Hey guys I’m relocating to Houston from England and I’m working in the energy corridor. I’ve stayed a few times before in Houston but only west of George Bush park which I find is nice for families but not for me as I’m 21. I’m looking for a modern apartment in a cool area with lots going on where the commute to work isn’t too bad (just outside the outer loop). Really want something contemporary but I know how difficult that is inHouston because they don’t seem to do modern by European standards. Also looking for any decent clubs that play house music any generally any stuff worth doing. Thanks!

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Answer by unhappy_camper
1. Priorities. Yes your job is most important however you should consider the time and other resources you’re going to spend getting there and back every day. If you find digs in Midtown because you’re close to night life it means you’re going to spend almost 30 minutes getting to work every day. Probably not a good decision if you only go out two times a week, although that is about average commute time without traffic in greater Houston.

2. Living costs. Location, location, location. Your job might pay pretty well however living in an area that’s accessible to the night life will cost you, and why are you going to hand over a lot of money just to make your landlord rich? I’m not suggesting that you compromise and live in a bad neighborhood, but Heights/Midtown/Galleria/Memorial areas (stay south of the I-10 corridor) will set you back around $ 1800/mo. in rent on the cheap side depending on where you look.

My advice, depending on where your office is located in the Corridor search within the beltway so you’ll take I-10 outbound to go to the office. All the I-10 AM traffic is inbound so you’ll be going the opposite of that during the day, and when you leave as well. Work with a realtor or apartment locator who can help you with your search and stay within your budget.

As for recreation, if you like it you can find it. No shortage of clubs in Houston, if you’re a social bug network with other people your age and interest area and you’ll find a place to fit in. Houston is only the 4th largest city in the USA, trust me you’ll find something.

Good luck.

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