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Where are the best places to live and the best paying jobs?

by tom44 on March 2, 2013

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Question by Denise C: Where are the best places to live and the best paying jobs?
We are contemplating a major move away from North Carolina and are researching the best areas to move to as far as the cost of living and where the highest paying jobs are. Hubby and I both are in the medical field. Any ideas and/or web sites I can find this information on? Thank you.

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Answer by credible_bulk
I was going to say North Carolina. I live in Southern California, but I lived in Buffalo New York, which was fun, too.

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3 thoughts on “Where are the best places to live and the best paying jobs?

  1. SWEETJUNE says:

    san francisco. granted the cost of living to live here is high but the pay here is high as well. you being in the medical field will not have a problem getting paid here in california. plus san francisco is a beautiful place to live. if not sf, then somewhere on the penisula close to sf.

  2. Lancer64 says:

    DO NOT COME TO MICHIGAN! High Unemployment Rate and salaries are decreasing.

  3. ecommrc says:

    The best place for you to live is where you are going to be happiest. This is hopefully based on many things, most of which will be much more important than how much money you can have left over at the end of a month. “Away from North Carolina” is pretty vague; and assuming you want to stay in the USA, that still leaves 49 states plus Samoa, USVI, Puerto Rico and Guam. So do some serious dream-building together with a big atlas open in front of you. What kind of climate do you want to live with? What does the new area need to have, that North Carolina made you hate it for not having? Absence of traffic congestion on I-85? Ha ha! I’ve been there! I contemplated moving to Portland, Oregon one time, then I called someone there and they told me about the joke that goes something like, “In Portland, OR, we get two sunny days each year — yesterday and the day before.” That was enough to make me think twice. Cost of living is too volatile and variable to base your decisions on it! The price you negotiate to buy your new home? Depends too much on how YOU are as a business negotiator when that critical moment comes along! Be in a good position to negotiate, get a good price! Be “strapped over a barrel,” get a crummy price! The “pay scale/cost of living factor” that you seem to be so concerned about, is just a fallacy spoken about by newcomers who expected their new city to be just like their old one, and (like 95 percent of all people) focused on the NEGATIVES and complained about them to the rest of us. There will be plenty of unexpected positives in your new area no matter what, as well. Pick your new area based on the things it has that YOU WANT — cultural oddities, educational opportunities, proximity to things sentimental to your past, recreation (what kinds?) -? and then do things in the right order. Get your house negotiated-for BEFORE you “have to” move there. Put a provision in your purchase agreement that gives you time to raise the cash needed. The job(s)? Get that arranged after you have already committed to moving to that city, BECAUSE, and this is a big one, the prospective employer will respect you more at having had the confidence you will fit in having already picked their city for non-pecuniary reasons. Jobs for medical personnel are to be found everywhere, just narrow it down to larger metropolises rather than rural wilderness areas and you’ll do fine. The assistance of a friend, relative, classmate or colleague in or near the new area will prove priceless. I have lived in ten states, in about 48 different cities/towns/places, total. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area was best for me. A good book on making major life decisions — The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey.

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