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Where are some decent Apartments and not too exspensive to live in D.C or MD area?

by tom44 on March 9, 2013

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Question by L: Where are some decent Apartments and not too exspensive to live in D.C or MD area?
my friend and i want to move to dc.. but i went on craigslist and the prices are dent but im afraid they are too good to be true ! prices for 2bedrooms i saw for $ 500 $ 600.. i live in Miami and is sick of it! time for a new change! also, do you think its a good idea? cause miami jobs suck..

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Answer by Abby
A big problem with DC is decent places to live will have the price tags to go with it. Living in Maryland is slightly cheaper, but if you want to work in DC, it will be best to live near a metro line, which also runs the prices up. I think DC is a great place to live though.

$ 500-$ 600 is either a scam or a really sketchy part of town. I’ve seen prices like that and it’s nowhere I would want to live. NW is the best area by far. In terms of living in Maryland, I would say go for Montgomery county. It’s pricier, but much nicer. You can use to narrow down the location of where you would like to live and check out some apartments.

If you want a nice 2 bedroom, I say be prepared to pay somewhere around $ 1600, or $ 800 a person. Good luck with your search!!

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4 thoughts on “Where are some decent Apartments and not too exspensive to live in D.C or MD area?

  1. silarem says:

    The prices that you mentioned are simply too suspicious. I live in MD and since I don’t have a car I live very close to a metro station which adds up in the rent…typical prices here in Montgomery County for a 1 bedroom apartment CLOSE (walking distance No buses) to the metro is 1500 and up without utilities. I’ve seen better prices in this county but for better prices you will be far or at least not at walking distance from the metro.

  2. Cheryl G says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the other responders are right. The cheap rents are in areas that you would not want to live. Believe me. You’d better plan on at least $ 1,500 for a 2-BR in a decent area. Check out Gaithersburg and Germantown, if that price is within your range.

    The job market here is not spectacular, but it is better than Florida. Depends upon what your specialty is.

  3. dcgirl says:

    $ 500-$ 600 is probably a scam, sad to say. It might be that for a room in a house shared with 5 other people and not near a metro, but that’s about it.

    Check out a management company or some place that rents more than one apartment. Some I have used before (and trust) in the Capitol Hill / Hill East neighborhoods:

    Or, you can always look at a 1 bedroom that has a lviing room that’s kind of seperate and one of you can have the bedroom, the other the living room. It’s a very inexpensive way to do it at first.

  4. nickdc1960 says:

    Here’s the real dea. $ 600 for a two bedroom apartment in the DC Metro area? Show me! I want it!

    On the other hand, it IS possible to find places about 30 miles outside of the city where you can rent a room (share) a townhose for about $ 500 a month. There’s usually 3 to 4 people that live there, so the actual rent is something like $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 a month to rent a room and share common spaces in a house or townhouse.

    There are many flight attendants and ticket agents that are headquartered in the DC area (Dulles, National or BWI airports) that share housing like this. Sometimes they hare on a holdover in another city, so they sort of allow each other to “crash” in other towns if they don’t get back to home base.

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