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Where are people lining up for jobs in los angeles?

by tom44 on August 21, 2012

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Question by juliak: Where are people lining up for jobs in los angeles?
I am working on a journalism story and I want to cover a company giving away some free career products to the massive amounts of unemployed people lining up for work. I need to set the whole thing up and want to know where exactly in los angeles are these lines that I can go photograph. Also if any one knows how I can get a story like this picked up by any bigger publications.

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Answer by Wally Z
I don’t think you will see alot of physical lines as most of that is done via mail. I would go and cover some EDD offices as they have computers that can be used by those who do not have access to one.

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One thought on “Where are people lining up for jobs in los angeles?

  1. garybing says:

    There are job fairs all the time in convention centers and the larger hotels. There are long lines to actual places that are supposedly a hiring company. But most booths are set up for dubious pricey and nebulous schools that disappear in a few years and their placement records and services are abysmal.

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