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When did technology start taking over american jobs?

by tom44 on June 2, 2014

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Question by SUPER COUSINS: When did technology start taking over american jobs?
I mean when technology started taking over American jobs rapidly
Was it in the late 1900’s?

Best answer:

Answer by exactduke
Technology has been around for centuries, ever since the steam engine was invented. And that was invented in the late 1700’s. And probably even before that.

Technology isn’t just computer chips, and cell phones, it includes a lot.

In it’s time electricity was cutting edge technology, as well as the telephone, as was the television, and the radio.
Boring, everyday stuff now, but in it’s time, definitely WOWed people.

American jobs have been replaced for centuries. Probably beginning with the steam engine.
Overseas/low cost wages was likely the big factor replacing American jobs in the 90’s, and not tek (my opinion).

But as we’re finding out, the quality is not as good. And shipping & handling costs (as well as quality) offset the savings in labor costs

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