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What’s the difference between a practical nurse and a register nurse?

by tom44 on November 6, 2012

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Question by MDCLV: What’s the difference between a practical nurse and a register nurse?
Is it worthy to become a practical nurse when every medical institution is hiring RN if any?
Many hospitals in Las Vegas, NV have a hire freeze.

Best answer:

Answer by Lynx
Don’t dooo iiiit!

Seriously, don’t. In this state, the only real difference in LPN and RN abilites, is that an LPN cannot do the initial assessment, and cannot start blood transfusions, however, hospitals often have additional restrictions.

You can get a job at a home health agency, and nursing homes around here- that’s about it. If I had known then, what I know now, I would have just gotten my RN. I had this great idea that I would get my LPN because it was quicker, and then get a job and bridge over to RN… had no idea that the RN bridge program is relatively rare, and that LPN’s can’t get jobs around here.

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