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Whats the deference between a Medical assistant and a Nurse,?

by tom44 on August 12, 2013

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Question by Lil Kaluha5555555: Whats the deference between a Medical assistant and a Nurse,?
Which one has the better job. If i wanted to work at a hospital whats the difference between the too? and are there any good vocational schools in The San Francisco Bay area?
Im trying to start out as a nurse or a medical assistant and then go into Surgical Tech.. Which would be the best stepping stone to help me understand more?

Best answer:

Answer by rishathra7
A Nurse is a better job. It’s a lot more school though. A medical assistant pretty much just takes orders from the nurse or doctor and get stuck with the crappy jobs a lot (like changing adult diapers, etc.)

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4 thoughts on “Whats the deference between a Medical assistant and a Nurse,?

  1. jivesucka says:


  2. kdaver43 says:

    Shoot for the moon become a Nurse -Practioner.

  3. Tam says:

    nurse is more specific b/c medical assistant could mean a dental assistant or something else

  4. tonyp_77 says:

    Difference between a medical assisstant and a nurse? A LOT! Research this in your local community college’s handbook. And, you don’t become a nurse through a vocational school. Ooooh, that hurts.

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