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Whats the best technical school for cars?

by tom44 on April 10, 2013

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Question by BLiTz: Whats the best technical school for cars?
Im in miami FL, i need to find a school that can teach me everything about cars, engines,transmitions etc…

Best answer:

Answer by c420wizzle
Wyotech is one of the best automotive schools on the planet. I believe that they have a campus in Florida somewhere. It would definitely be worth checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Whats the best technical school for cars?

  1. PhDOrgChem says:

    Wyotech has a campus in Daytona….If you want the best this is where I would go first. Some of the best come from there. I would suggest that you contact them…..and schedule a visit. When I taught automotive mechanics many went to wyotech after high school. You might qualify for some type of financial aid. Check out for more information.

    Check out programs like the ford asset program or the toyota t-ten program. They can help you offset the cost of your education ….work for set amount of time and then go to school for a set amount of time. Won’t get rich doing it but you can get your school costs offset and a little $ $ in your pocket. Hope that gets you started….BTW the top master mechanic at a local dealer cleared over 100K….it is a great and rewarding career especially if you get your foreign certifications like BMW and Porsche etc.!

  2. jmsbnd6009 says:

    Founded 1982 in the Palm Beaches, the West Palm Beach campus of Lincoln College of Technology (formerly New England Institute of Technology) has been helping students and business professionals realize their career goals and career aspirations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. West Palm Beach offers 18-24 month Associate Degree programs, a variety of continuing education certifications for business professionals, and 9 and 12-month diploma programs for those on the career fast track.

    With morning, afternoon or evening classes, our programs are designed so that you can study, work, and still have time to devote to life’s other responsibilities. This college in South Florida is well regarded within the business community and local employers enthusiastically seek out our graduates. Lincoln College of Technology offers what you need to get your career off to a good start:

    * Industry-level training with job placement assistance
    * Hands-on training
    * Caring instructors with industry experience

    This West Palm Beach college is conveniently located at I-195 and 45th Street.
    The West Palm Beach Campus offers a Bachelor of Science Degree, Associate of Applied Science Degree or Diploma in one or more of the following Program Areas:

    * Automotive Tech
    * Business Administration
    * Dental
    * Drafting
    * HVAC
    * Medical Assisting
    * Medical Administration
    * Networking
    * Culinary
    * Cosmetology
    Campus Address

    2410 Metrocentre Blvd.
    West Palm Beach, FL
    561 842-8324

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