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What’s Seattle Like? Weather wise, and Job market wise?

by tom44 on June 9, 2014

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Question by Done: What’s Seattle Like? Weather wise, and Job market wise?
I just moved up from a small town in Arkansas, to Saint louis. I’m originally from STL and I love it STL it’s where I’ve dreamed of moving ever since that dreaded move to the middle of nowhere. However, I can’t stand the summers here, I absolutely hate the hot weather. July and August this year were brutal, 115 degrees 7days a week! I’ve heard it rains a lot in Seattle, which I’ve also heard is just an exaggeration but w/e I love the rain, I love rainy days, cloudy days, etc.

When most people are sad and dreary, I’m on cloud 9. So I’ve checked the weather and it looks perfect, how is the job market though? (I’m majoring in computer science) Is there anything about seattle, that makes STL look better? I’d like to move there within the next 2 years so I’m getting started early.

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Answer by Monika
It does rain all winter, so if you like rain you are in luck. A guy who grew up in TX told me he really loved it every day it rained here, so you might be in luck.

The job market is not great, but if you are in an IT field you can likely get in to one of the very well known businesses here. Check the job listings ( There are 36 job listings posted yesterday. Take classes that will prepare for the jobs listed, and you should be OK.

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One thought on “What’s Seattle Like? Weather wise, and Job market wise?

  1. charles says:

    Terrible weather.
    No jobs.
    High crime.

    Stay home in Arkansas. You won’t like those of us in the Seattle Area!

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