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What types of jobs can a person get after they have studied criminology?

by tom44 on July 29, 2013

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Question by funky888: What types of jobs can a person get after they have studied criminology?
I am very seriously considering studying criminology, but I want to see if the jobs that could potentially follow would be fitting for me. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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A career in politics

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One thought on “What types of jobs can a person get after they have studied criminology?

  1. Dave says:

    Career Paths in Criminology

    * Corrections
    * Counseling
    * Criminal Investigation
    * Diversion Programming
    * Financial Fraud Investigation & Prevention
    * Forensics
    * Insurance Fraud Investigation & Prevention
    * Intervention Programming
    * Judicial / Courts
    * Law Enforcement
    * Medical Investigation
    * Rehabilitation
    * Research and Policy Studies
    * Private Investigation
    * Psychologist – Psychopathology Specialist
    * Retail Investigation
    * Special Agencies
    * Teaching
    * Women’s Studies
    * Youth Programming & Counseling
    * Additional Careers in Sociology

    Employment Systems for Criminologists

    * Court Systems
    * Correctional Institutions
    * Counseling Agencies
    * Banks & Financial Institutions
    * Insurance Companies
    * Non-Profit Agencies
    * Private Investigation Agencies
    * Retailers
    * Government:

    Federal Government

    * Drug Enforcement Agency
    * Federal Bureau of Investigations
    * Homeland Security
    * U.S. Border Patrol

    State Government

    * State Highway Patrol
    * Dept. of Rehabilitation & Correction
    * Youth Services
    * Public Safety

    Local Governments: County, City, Township, Village

    * Local Police Divisions
    * Public Safety
    * Department of the Treasurer

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