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what type of jobs will allow you to travel to different countries?

by tom44 on September 2, 2012

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Question by : what type of jobs will allow you to travel to different countries?
i was thinking of working on web design or computer programmer with a buisness degree along with ether or please just give as many possible jobs as it can be the few countries i like are japan , canada , some parts of europe

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Answer by Lou Pico
I’m not really sure about jobs particularly , but my dad entered the Airforce when he was young. You got to put down where you would like to go beforehand. My dad was going to go to California but a friend begged him to switch with him. He ended up going to ( see if i can remember lol) ireland for 4 days, scotland for about a week, wales, england for 2 years.

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One thought on “what type of jobs will allow you to travel to different countries?

  1. Richard L says:

    Most businesses with international offices will want to know what languages you speak and this will be the key to having hope of working overseas. Otherwise, it will be evident the them that your main interest is having the company send you overseas so you can be a tourist on company dollars. The common issue for most of us is that conversational business communications require advanced language skills at a level close to that of a native speaker.

    Working oveseas is usually going to be reserved for senior trusted employees and only for people with advanced skills that nationals don’t have. They might be involved in training or similar types of activities.

    Working virtually from home is the same type of situation. Many people want to find a job that allows virtual work but almost no entry level virtual positions exist because these are offered only to trusted employees.

    Your best bet is the firmly establish yourself in your job field, work your way into a large business with international offices, learn a foreign language (your employer might even pay for classes) and then see what might be available.

    Best wishes!

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