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What type of jobs can a MA in Theatre or a PhD in theatre get me?

by tom44 on June 8, 2012

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Question by alldogsgotoheaven1984: What type of jobs can a MA in Theatre or a PhD in theatre get me?
-What type of jobs can a MA in theatre or even a PhD in Theatre allow me to do?

-Will any of them allow me to be a college professor of theatre?

-Are theatre degrees as bad as people say (which is mostly people saying they aren’t useful to have)?

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They really are bad, most graduate-level degrees will limit the available jobs too since simpler jobs wouldn’t want to pay that much more for an overqualified person. You’ll also be competing against other very high achieving individuals for those jobs.

You certainly can be a college professor of theatre, but you’ll likely face VERY HARSH competition.

Being positive about what you have is great, but often being overly optimistic will lead you to make very poor choices. This is one of those examples. The possibility of something great coming from pursuing a MA or PhD in theatre is disastrously low.

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2 thoughts on “What type of jobs can a MA in Theatre or a PhD in theatre get me?

  1. Emmy says:

    Some theatre degrees are useful to have because it helps with connections (alumni highering alumni and so on) My degree is in technical theatre and it was well worth the years of studying to get the training to survive in the field.

    An MA and PhD will allow you to become a professor of theatre, but the Phd is really a dramaturgy thing, so I hope you love theatre history. There’s also MFAs for acting, tech, and design.

  2. Matt says:

    An M.F.A. in theatre will let you become a professor of theatre in a college. I know of only two or three schools that offer Doctorates in Theatre – and among them they are for technical studies and stagecraft areas.

    A theatre degree is what you make of it. I have friends working as foremen of construction sites, managing museums, as seamstresses, and other things all from having a degree in technical theatre. I have no idea how malleable an acting degree would be, but a stagecraft degree is entirely awesome if you go to a reputable school!

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