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What type of jobs are offered with an economics degree?

by tom44 on April 20, 2013

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Question by C S: What type of jobs are offered with an economics degree?
Hello, I am a senior on the verge of graduating with a bachelors in business economics. Given the tough economy and job market right now, I was wondering what careers other economics majors are doing. Would you think the best advice is to go off to graduate school right after graduation and hope I will have better luck when I finish that? I am just wondering what advice an experienced person would give. Thank you.

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Answer by Ryan M
First off, it REALLY depends on where you live. Econ is an excellent major, assuming that you live near a major economic hub like NYC, LA, Miami, San Francisco, or Chicago. Not so good if you live in North Dakota or Alabama. Most people with Econ degrees get into some kind of banking role. Many also go back to school and obtain an MBA in Accounting or Finance and work for a Fortune 500 company. If you currently DO NOT live in a major metro area, my advice would be to attend grad school in one of those areas and once you obtain your MBA, you should have much less of an issue finding a job.

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One thought on “What type of jobs are offered with an economics degree?

  1. numa says:

    You can work for the FBI, investment banking, UN, IMF, United Way, you could also become a diplomat (ambassador, consul general etc.). Economics is a bit too general these days but you can find work in one of the above.

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