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What two forms of I.D I need to get a job in a fast food restuarant in California?

by tom44 on July 4, 2013

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Question by Shyleen: What two forms of I.D I need to get a job in a fast food restuarant in California?
I am a senior and 17 yeard old. I wanted to know what forms of id can I use? I only have washington identification id cause i used to live their and i moved back to cali when i was about to start my freshman year but im getting it switched to cali on may when i turn 18 to get direct license. I have a school id of the current school i go to in sac. And I have a social sercurity number card. Thats all i have. Is that okay to get a fast food job in sacramento,ca? My mom lost my birth certificate due to moving. So i cant show them that now.

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Answer by Heather
Your school ID does not count as a valid form of ID. You will need to get a state ID from California. You no longer live in Washington so you should not be using an out of state ID. You are going to need to get a new birth certificate at some point. If you use your Washington ID your application may be rejected in favor of someone with a California ID. You need to work on getting the proper ID before applying for a job.

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2 thoughts on “What two forms of I.D I need to get a job in a fast food restuarant in California?

  1. I'm an athlete says:

    Do you have a drivers license? You can use that as well as your SS card. Since you moved to another state, I would bring your mother along with proof that the both of you are new California residents.

    Also, get that birth certificate replaced. If someone finds the old one, they could steal your ID, so I would be aware of your credit reports for a while.

  2. michr says:

    if you are under 18 a school ID CAN be used for the I-9, if the ID you have from Washington is current you can use it as well….
    you will need your social security card since you don’t have your birth certificate..
    so as far as completing an I-9 form you are fine…
    for information on the I-9 see:

    as a minor you must provide “proof of age” to work so the Washington ID should work for that but the employers may want the birth certificate. you need to get your mother started on the process to get a copy of it as soon as possible, just in case you need it….

    for information concerning the child labor laws in CA see:

    for future reference a social security card is NOT an ID, an ID must contain a detailed physical description, such as height, weight, eye & hair color, or a photo….

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